How can you help?


Want to Help?

Nickel City Aquatics is run chiefly by dedicated volunteers. Many hands make light work and there are many aspects of our  club that members can get involved in.

Volunteering will help you to better understand the sport and to feel a part of your team's achievements.  

Often new parents can feel uncertain in what ways they can help. At NCA we have many opportunities to get involved.

Below are some examples of ways  to get started :

New Members 2nd year members 3rd year member or higher
Officiating on deck as a timer (see the links to Officiating on our site)  Start to move up the Official's ladder (become a judge of strokes and turns or a starter) Level 2  Level 2-3 Official
Helping with car pooling Become involved in organizing a team social  Take over a club role such as equipment, hotel and travel, publicity, etc.
Offer to help out the organizer of a team social (bowling/billiards) Assist with organizing a team fund raiser Organize a team social
help publicize our club and what we do Begin to learn how to organize a swim meet Organize a team fund raiser
participate in all fund raisers become a team ambassador become a board member

Volunteers are needed in many aspects including:

  • club operations (board members, equipment manager, social convener, hotel and travel manager)
  • meet management
  • fund raising
  • car pooling
  • equipment management
  • food management
  • photography
  • publicity

If you have an interest in any of these areas, please let one of  your board members know and they will be happy to link you to someone in the know.