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At NCA we encourage all parents to get out on deck and get an up-close and personal view of swimming.  It's the best seat in the house.  Most parents who spend time on deck are surprised at how much faster the meets go by when you are out on deck.  Throughout the season we will offer Official's clinics to support your journey UP THE LADDER.  

How to Become a Swim Official

In order to begin your journey "Up the Ladder" as a swim official, you first have to get registered with Swim Ontario /SNC.   Our club affiliation with Swim Ontario/Swimming Canada makes it mandatory to maintain a roster of certified Swim Officials.  

To help facilitate your journey, NCA will host a variety of clinics through the season. 

Coach Tony is a Level 5 official and will be helping to get your official's clinics done.

Your Officials Registrar for the season is Coach Linda .  She can be contacted at:

[email protected]


As part of your registration with NCA, you should have read and agreed to the Code of Conduct.  

If you would like to review them once again, you can follow the links below:

Code of Conduct:

There are 5 Official's Levels.

Moving up the Official's Ladder:  Follow these steps to get moving up

1)  Get registered as an official with our club Registrar:  Linda Tenhunen

[email protected]

2) Once you have been registered, you will receive login information to access the online e-learning site and be able to log your on deck activities and clinics

3) You will be given an Official's card to use at meets to get your activities signed off by the meet referee

4) Start with the  Level 1- Red Pin by  completing the online Time Keeper and Safety Marshall's clinic.   Follow this link to get to the site:

5) once you have completed this, you are ready to get on deck and get 2 sign offs for your timekeeping and Safety Marshall.  This will be your Red Pin- Level 1 official's level completed



  1. Take the Timekeeping and Safety Marshall online clinic
  2. Obtain 2 on deck sign offs for timekeeper (get your card signed off)


B. Take the Strokes and Turns clinic and get 2 on deck evaluations for this level (get your card signed off)

C. Take one of the clinics below and get 2 on deck evaluations in this position.

       i. Chief Timekeeper;

      ii. Clerk of Course;

     iii. Chief Finish Judge (CFJ) / Chief Judge Electronics (CJE);

     iv. Meet Manager;

      v. Starter


  1. Must be certified Level 2 and complete all the following clinics: Chief Timekeeper, Clerk of Course, Chief Finish Judge/Chief Judge Electronics, Meet Manager, Starter

B. Complete the Recorder-Scorer clinic;

C. Certify in 3 of the positions listed under A

D. Conduct the Level I – Introduction to Swimming Officiating clinic under the supervision of a Level IV or V official.

E:  the Recorder-Scorer clinic be taken prior to or in conjunction with the Meet Manager clinic. There are no deck evaluations required for the Recorder-Scorer position.