Time Standards

 2019-2020 time standards

What is a time standard?  Some meets have event qualifying times that swimmers must reach in order to be entered in that meet or that event.  In meets with qualifying standards,  swimmers may participate in only those events that a swimmer has obtained a qualifying time in or may be allowed to swim extra events as "bonus swims" in addition to their qualifying events.  The time standards can be set regionally, provincially, nationally or internationally. 

2018-2019 Dave Kensit Regional A Champs standards: ( the Dave kensit meet is our regional  A standard qualifying meet)

Click on the link to view the 2018-2019 Dave Kensit A times  (short course times)


Youth Cup Time Standards:

The Youth Cup time standards are as follows:  each qualifying swimmer must have 2  C Provincial qualifying standards in order to gain entrance to the meet:

Follow this link and look at the "C" provincial time standards to see if your swimmer qualifies:

Follow this link to the Jeno Tihanyi Long Course time standards:


Follow this link to the Fred Rams dequalifying time standards:



Follow this link to access the 2018-2019 Provincial time standards:

Follow this link to access the  Swimming Canada National Time standards: