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Swim Meet Protocols


In order to bring the St. John's Legends into line with other contemporary leading Canadian swim clubs, the following are protocols regarding swim meets.


1. All swimmers in competitive groups will be automatically 'opted in' for competitions designated for their group, to 'opt out' of a particular competition please see the Scratch Policy below.
2. Swimmers will be entered into a variety of events throughout the year and will be expected to race each event at least once a year (in line with expectations of the Swim Canada Long-Term Athlete Development protocols).
3. Swimmers may request to swim certain events in competition but the final decision in terms of entries is with the SJL coaching staff.


1.  All swimmers are expected to be on deck and ready to participate in team activation activities no less than 20 minutes prior to the start of warm-up.
2.  All swimmers are expected to participate in team activation activities prior to the warm-up.
3.  Swimmers are expected to wear official swimmer St. John's Legends t-shirts or sweatshirts at all times while on deck during a swim meet session.
4.  St. John's Legends apparel must be visible and not worn underneath other apparel.
5.  Swimmers are expected to wear a St. John's Legends cap when racing.
6.  Swimmers are expected to be on deck for the entire meet unless otherwise instructed by their group coach.
7.  Swimmers are expected to check-in/speak with their coach(es) prior to each race and immediately following each race. Where possible, swimmers will be expected to complete a warm down swim following each race.
8.  No junk food is allowed on deck at meets, whether at home or away.
9.  No snacks containing nuts are permitted on deck or in a designated team area.
10.  Swimmers need to have a water bottle with them on deck to stay hydrated during sessions.
11.  St. John's Legends swimmers are expected to follow the club's Code of Conduct at all times.


1.  Parents are absolutely not permitted on deck during swim meets unless authorized by the St. John's Legends or meet management.
2.  Cheering is absolutely encouraged but should be kept positive in tone.  Negative or demeaning cheering will not be permitted.
3.  Fuel your athlete... breakfast is important and so too are healthy snacks during swim meet sessions (if permitted on deck by the policies of the host pool). If your child "can't eat" before swim meet sessions, multiple snacks are an appropriate alternative to a full meal.  Swimmers should also be drinking plenty of water (or water-based sports drink) throughout the day during swim meets.
4.  Swim meets are like school: give your swimmer(s) space to learn and socialize by being with the team.
5.  Get to know other Legends parents; cheering and team spirit is best experienced with others who are also living the swim parent experience.
6.  Let the SJL coaches coach.  This includes pre-race psyching, motivation, after race critiquing, setting goals, etc... This might be difficult to do, but it is very important to the athlete development process. It is recommended to inform your child to "speak to the coach" for swimming advice.
7.  As a parent, the best thing you can do for your swimmer(s)... be a role-model for good sportsmanship.


The "St. John's Legends Scratch Form" is available on the club's website under the "Forms" tab.

It is the policy of the SJL Swim Club that all swimmers are encouraged to attend swim competitions. As such, swimmers are automatically entered into competitions designated for their group.  If the family chooses not to have their swimmer participate in a specific competition, they must follow the following procedure:

  • The St. John's Legends Scratch Form must be filled out and submitted, electronically or by hard copy, to both the SJL Group Coach and to the Office Manager by the scratch deadline identified.
  • The scratch deadline will usually be 3 weeks prior to the swim meet. Scratch deadline will appear in the "Events" description on the Legend's website.

If the Scratch Form is not submitted by the scratch deadline, the swimmer will be entered in the competition and the swim meet fees will be charged to the family's account even if the swimmer does not attend the meet.