Fundraising Programs Overview


The year ahead:


Bingo is a major fundraiser for the Newmarket Stingrays, and continues to be the most consistent fundraising vehicle we have. Bingo sessions run on Monday afternoon from 11:45 to 3:00pm. Your duties consist of collecting expired Bingo cards, light cleaning duties, and simply be courteous to patrons.

If interested bingo volunteers are always needed, you do not need to volunteer every week, just let us know when you are available. Anyone over the age of 18 may work Bingo.

The Newmarket Stingrays are always looking for new fundraising opportunities - especially ones that can involve the general public and not have to rely solely on our members.

If you have any ideas, please send them along to


Many of you are already familiar with the QSP fundraiser at your school.  For those who are not familiar, here are the facts:

·       QSP offers magazine subscriptions for substantially reduced prices.  If you wish to purchase, or renew, a magazine subscription, the cost through QSP will be significantly discounted compared to subscriptions direct from the magazine.

·       QSP offers the opportunity to purchase magazines as gifts, and a variety of gift items (gift wrap, flowering bulbs, jewellery, cookie dough, photo books, journals and cards) just in time for the holidays!  There are over 400 different magazines, including magazines for children, and magazines in various languages.

·       Commission from your purchase, or the purchases of your supporters (friends and family), will go directly to your fundraising credits. 

Remember any items you purchase you Earn back towards your fundraising Fees.

Magna Hoedown

Every year, the Newmarket Stingrays apply to be among the recipient organizations of the Magna Hoedown:

  • 2 fun-filled evenings:
  • Live Entertainment
  • Texas Style BBQ
  • Prospector's Raffle

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Tai's Spring Rolls

Tai's spring rolls are a popular fundraiser with club parents and are perfect appetizers. They can be eaten fresh on the pick up date, or frozen for another time. Both items are peanut free but both are wrapped with wheat flour.  Please contact Heather McAllister if you have more specific questions about allergens.


  • Vegetable spring rolls: cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, onion, coriander, glass noodles, salt, sugar, pepper, spring roll wrappers.
  • Chicken Spring Rolls: Ground chicken, cabbage,carrots, mushrooms, coriander, glass noodles, garlic, salt, sugar, ground pepper, oyster sauce, spring roll wrappers.
  • Chicken curry puffs: ground chicken (white meat), onions, potatoes, curry powder, salt, sugar, homemade pastry.

The club receives $3 in profit for each box sold, so members would receive $2.25 towards the 2016-2017 fundraising credit.


Swim-A-Thon directly supports local swimming programs in communities like ours across the country. Swimming Canada commits 90% of the funds raised to promote and finance swimming programs of ALL levels in the local community of the participant. This 90% commitment places Swimming Canada in the top 5% of all charitable organizations.

Why is Swim-A-Thon Important to The Stingrays?

Swim-A-Thon is critical to our quest to remain one of Canada’s leading swim clubs!

Funds raised are used to help us send our coaches for advanced education, purchase equipment, and defray operating costs - primarily pool rental fees. Every dollar counts so register now and start fundraising. Donations will be accepted up until May 13, 2016.

What is Swim-A-Thon?

Every swimmer in The Newmarket Stingrays participates in Swim A-Thon. Most groups will swim 5000m while our younger groups Dev 1, Dev 2 and Splashing Competitive swimmers will challenge themselves to swim continuously for two hours.

Registering and Pledging is Easy

To register and pledge, we are using the same online system as last year. Offline donations will not be accepted. Tax receipts will be issued - as long as the tax receipt box is selected.

Changes to Tax Receipt Eligibility

Reminder that parents, legal guardians and parent owned companies are not eligible for tax receipts.

To Register:

Click on

Set up a profile page with a photo and your fundraising goal (up to 250 characters).  Start fundraising by sending your family and friends a link to your page through email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Please show your support, help us provide the best resources, coaching and programs that we can by helping to raise these valuable dollars that will support our swimming program.

If you have any questions please contact your Swim-A-Thon coordinator Kirsten Walker  or Rose Vetro

Boston Pizza - Celebrity Server and Earn Back Program

Celebrity Servier: We've  teamed up with Boston Pizza Newmarket for a Celebrity Server Evening. Our AG4 swimmers are the Celebrity Servers for the night.

Earn Back Program:  Are you Familiar with Boston Pizza’s Earn Back program for our club?
Every time you have dinner with Family and Friends,  at  Boston Pizza Newmarket location, the restaurant will donate 10% of the bill to the Newmarket Stingrays in support of our swimmers.
All that’s needed is to write on the top of the receipt “Newmarket Stingrays” and place it in the Team Headquarters box located at the front of the restaurant, 10% of your bill will go back to the Newmarket Stingrays Swim Club.
The Team Headquarters Earn back is active all year round!!!   Remember don’t forget to mention this exciting news to your family and Friends!

MacGreggor's Meats ("North Country")

This is a great opportunity to support the Stingrays, and to stock your freezer with some great food! You will earn money back towards your fundraising fees for each item purchased as outlined in the weekly update. MacGregors Meat and Seafood is a restaurant quality product; those who have ordered in the past rave about the chicken wings, steaks and chicken fingers.

Note that Macgregor’s Fundraising has been branded as “North Country”. The products remain exactly the same. To learn more about Macgregors Meat and Seafood products including full ingredient lists and nutritional information, please visit the website at

The steps are simple:

Sell as much product as you can to family, coworkers, friends and neighbours

Complete the Sellers Order Form (North Country Meats).

You will need to pick up your orders at the allotted time (above) or have someone pick up for you.  Remember that all products are frozen!

If you have any questions, please contact Lani McKay,