Member Officiating Obligations

Officiating Obligations

Credit System & Participation at Meets

The Newmarket Stingrays exist largely because of the financial benefit of our swim meets.  There has been in the past a large burden placed on some families to run these meets while others at their choice have not been as involved.  Over the summer The Board of Directors has been working with Swim Ontario and reviewing other club’s policies to involve more of our membership.  It is in the best interest of the long-term viability of the club to make the following policy changes regarding our participation credit system, specifically, as it pertains to swim meet involvement.

A minimum of six session must be worked per family per season
Each swimmer’s parent or guardian will be required to complete one official’s clinic per year

Failure to comply with both requirements above will result in a $100 fine per session/course missed at the completion of our final swim meet.

Officials grids for swim meets will be available approximately one week prior to the meet.  Officials have one week prior to the first day of the meet to notify meet management of availability changes.  If officials decide that they are no longer available, cannot make the session or do not show up then they will be fined $100 per session missed.  If the official can find a replacement for their position then no fine will be given. 

Officials who successfully achieve their Level III status from Swim Ontario will be receive a Newmarket Stingrays Red Polo Officials Shirt. 

Officials who successfully achieve their Level IV status from Swim Ontario will receive a Swim Ontario Red Polo Officials Shirt. 

Swim Meet Officials Positions



Level 1A









Level 1B



Strokes and Turns/Head Lane Timer






Chief Finish Judge



Chief Timer



Clerk of Course



Recorder Scorer



Electronics Operator



Level II



Level III



Session Referee



Level IV



Meet Referee



Level V