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Lili & Maddie Scarves

Lili & Maddie Scarves

All scarves are priced between $20 and $35, taxes included.

A couple of important remembers :

  • You can view more selections online along with details, which you can add to your order form
  • Make one cheque payable to the Newmarket Stingrays, credit card payments will be processed by us not  Lili & Maddie.

30% of your total sales pre-tax will come back to our club. This will go towards your Fundraising commitment based on the 75% / 25% club formula

If you have any questions regarding this fundraiser please feel free to contact Lisa at [email protected]

Supporting a Cause - Lili & Maddie Scarves, Stand for courage and hope. Both Lori and Johnathon strongly believe  in a sense of community.  It was their own loss a few years ago that helped to inspire Lili & Maddi Scarf Company. The driving force behind their passion is their commitment to donate a portion of profits from each scarf to the “Butterfly Wings Foundation,” an amazing Foundation started by their friend Isabelle Bujold. More information about the Butterfly Wings Foundation can be found in the catalogue.