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Fees information

Fees Information 2018-2019

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES include Swim Ontario registration and administrative costs, Group Membership Fees, Christmas Camp for National group and one ticket per swimmer to annual banquet (does not include Waves swimmer). Additional banquet tickets can be purchased separately. Membership fees do not include swimmers Meet Fees, travel expenses for out of town swim meets and training camps. Swimmer equipment such as swim suits, goggles, kick boards etc. is not included in the membership fees.

A minimum payment of 20% of the annual membership fees must be paid before swimmer can be registered. Fees can be paid only by Visa or Master Card through NYAC website, no cash or cheques will be accepted.

Each family has to provide NYAC a credit card for any billing purposes. Invoices will be automatically generated and credit card on file will be charged based on the outstanding balance on the 1st of the month which is usually a combination of the following:

-Membership Fees invoice items generated on the 1st of the month when the fees are due (Recurring)

-Invoice items and credits generated the previous month (Non-Recurring)

-Outstanding credits and invoice items older than one month

Each family can view their account by signing on to Team Unify, any issues with the account should be reported to NYAC office at

Any fees outstanding from the previous year must be paid in full before returning swimmer’s registration is approved.

Family Discount: Membership Fees are reduced by 15% for the 2nd swimmer and 25% for 3rd and any additional swimmer in the family.

This discount is applied to the swimmer with the lower membership fees. 

The discount for 2nd, 3rd or any additional swimmer will be credited to the account following the registration approval.

FEES PAYMENT OPTION:  (there is no monthly billing available)                     

- Single Payment at the registration  

- Five Equal Payments:  

  1. at registration         
  2. October 1st, 2018       
  3. November 1st, 2018
  4. December 1st, 2018   
  5. January 1st, 2019


Prorated Fees for Late Registrations:            

The membership Fees will be pro-rated for late registration according to the following schedule:

100%  before October 31st,   90%  Nov.1-30,   80%,   Dec.1-31  70%  Jan.1-31,      

60%  Feb.1-28,      50%  March 1-31,      35%  Apr.1-30,      20%  May 1-31                   


Fee adjustments for swimmers moving to different group: During the course of a swim season swimmer may move to a different group. Membership fee will be adjusted based on the previous and new group fee and the month in which the group move takes place.                                                                                       

MEET FEES: Meet Fees are the entry fees charged to participate in various competitions throughout the year. Each club hosting a meet charges a fee per individual event and relay or a flat fee per swimmer (regardless of the number of events or relays). When a swimmer is entered in the swim meet the entry fees plus a fee of $5.00 per swimmer per meet to cover administrative cost will be charged to each family account.

Swimmer is automatically entered in the meet by the group coach and each family has the option to scratch the swimmer from the meet. This could be done directly on Team Unify or by e-mail to the group coach before the scratch deadline. If a swimmer is not scratched by the scratch deadline the fees will be charged to the family account.

REFUNDS: Any swimmer deciding to resign from the club must deliver written notice to the club office. . Members resigning prior to the dates below will be entitled to a refund of annual membership fees according to the schedule below if fees were paid in single payment.       

80%-September 30th   60%- October 31st   40%-November 30th   20%-December 31st    After December 31st - Nil

There is no refund for fees paid in installments.

Any specific exceptions to these terms must go to the Board of Directors for approval.