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The Mississauga Aquatic Club (MSSAC) offers the City of Mississauga full-service competitive swimming experience that encompasses advanced recreation to the Olympic Games. Our programs offer each participant the opportunity to achieve the success-experience through their learning of advanced swimming skills developed through many years of research in competitive, club swimming. Our staff are proud of our program and wish everyone could experience the club swimming difference. Click on the link for information about the MSSAC Coaching Team. Should you wish to speak to any of our staff, visit us at one of your local swimming pools, send an email or call the club office.

2017 - 2018 MSSAC Board of Directors


Past President

Kevin Toderel

David Hillis

(416) 888-5698

(416) 520-7087

Director at Large Eric Bibeau    

Director at Large

Rupa Biswas



Legal Council Lina Celtorius    
VP Tech  Libby Kalman    

VP Administration

Valerie Honorez-Shuster

(647) 405-2166

Sponsorship and Fundraising

Nazem Meleka

(416) 270-9620

Club Officials Chairperson


Indrani Bose

(905) 965-1406

VP Finance

Jen Binaday


Club Officials Administrator


Wayne Malcolm


Director of Communication

Ryan Willms


Executive Director

Kevin Anderson

(905) 274-0043

Club Administration:

Club Administration Manager

(accounts & financial informations)

Susanne Scamurra

905-822-SWIM (7946)

Club Administration Assistant

Kelly Hillis

905-822-SWIM (7946)


Club Photographer: