Competitive Swimming Program

Our competitive groups are designed to introduce young people to the sport of swimming as a means of fitness, self-improvement, and fun. Programs run from September to July or August (qualifiers).  Fees will include Swim Ontario membership and insurance fees.  A variety of competitive levels are available ranging from pre-competitive, local, regional, provincial and national. The level of intensity of the program is designed to increase based on a swimmer’s age, experience, achievement of personal goals and program aims.

Age Group 1 – Age 8+

Age Group 1 is a new group. This group helps to bridge the gap between Jr. Age Group and Age Group 2. Swimmers aged 8+ who are early developers will swim with this group and will primarily focus on continued skill development.


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Age Group 2 – Age 9+

Age Group 2 is a new group and is a preparatory group for the Bronze Group. This group is for swimmers aged 9+ who need a bit more technical instruction before moving into our training stream.

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Advanced Age Group – Age 13+

The top of our developmental stream is the Advanced Age Group. This group is new and is for swimmers 13+ who are best served by continued technique development or for those who wish to continue swimming while participating in other activities.

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Junior Age Group Beginner – Age 7+

In following the SNC LTAD model we want these younger swimmers only training a couple of times weekly. Those who are on an accelerated development pathway will be invited to swim in the Advanced section. Those entering Jr. Age Group directly from our Swimming Skills will swim in the Beginner section. Swimmers aged 7+ who require more technical instruction will train with this group.

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Junior Age Group Advanced – Age 7+

In following the SNC LTAD model we want these young swimmers training a couple of times per week. Those who have shown an accelerated level of technical development will swim in this group.

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Bronze – Ages 12- 

The Bronze Group replaces Advanced Age Group 1. Swimmers 12 years of age and younger who are at the Regional level or above and who are ready for more training will swim with this group.

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Silver – Ages 13+

The Silver Group replaces the Regional Group. Swimmers 13 years+ who are swimming at the Regional level will swim in this group.


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Gold – Ages 13+

The Gold Group will replace our Provincial Group and is for swimmers 13 years+ who are swimming at or near the Provincial level.

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High Performance - Ages 13+

Swimmers qualifying for SNC Designated Meets will be invited to train in this group.

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