2019-20 Recreational Aqua GO!

2020-2021 Aqua GO!

*Specific offererings not yet know for this season.


Nation-wide grassroots foundation program for artistic swimming in Canada and is the launching pad for all other programs delivered by Canada Artistic Swimming. It is an opportunity for children as young as age 5 to have fun, develop aquatic literacy, learn the basics of artistic swimming and develop basic physical and athletic skills in and out of the water.

GO Capital is offering two Aqua GO programs, Aqua GO 1-4 and Aqua GO 5-6. New swimmers are recommended to register for Aqua GO 1-4. Please contact the registrar if you would like clarification as to the program that would best fit your son or daughter's capabilities.

Aqua GO:

  • Introduces new ways to move in and out of water
  • Develops physical and aquatic literacy
  • For all abilities, skill levels and participants
  • Provides fitness and health benefits for life
  • Develops teamwork skills
  • Ideals for boys and girls age 5–9 who are between swimming levels or waiting to meet an age requirement
  • No previous experience needed


Equipment Needed


  • Routine Suit (included in fees)

  • Bathing suit

  • Nose clips

  • Goggles

  • Swim cap