Advanced Competitive

Sharks Advanced Competitive Program

Great White Sharks:

This group is intended for swimmers improving towards competing at the top level of swimming in Saskatchewan and Canada. 

Swimmers in this group will generally range from ages 13 and up. 

In the pool, the emphasis will be on technical refinement for all four strokes and other race components (underwater kick, starts, turns and finishes) and slow to fast energy delivery through a systematic training plan. 

Outside the pool, the emphasis will be on dryland strength and conditioning, flexibility and education.  Education will consist of nutritional planning, life skills, proper health and swimming knowledge.  Both in and out of the pool, swimmers will develop and master mental skills necessary for training and competition. 

This group will train a combination of mornings and evenings 8 times per week in the pool, including daily dryland.  Swimmers in this group are expected to provide a full commitment.  Entry to this group is at the discretion of the Head Coach.

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