Executive Minutes




Attendees: Kerim, Jerzy, Tracy, Kelly, Erin, Louis, Sarah S., Sarah G., Cindy 

Regrets:  Sheila, Marilyn

Location:  Kerim’s office

Called meeting to order at 7:06 pm

Welcome to Sarah Grey and Cindy Thomson into mentorship positions.

Reviewed minutes from Oct. 15, 2019 meeting.

MOTION was made to accept revised October 15, 2019 minutes by Louis, seconded by Sarah.

Motion carried.

ACTION ITEMS from previous meetings not yet completed and Oct. 15, 2019 meeting to review: No action items to review.


  • Discussed banquet- felt that it went well and had a good turnout.
  • Discussed AGM- had quorum. Hope message regarding volunteerism was received.
  • Reminders- thank you letters to C-BIG, Chinook Scaffolding, Michaels Jewelers, Culligan’s Water and Tim Horton’s.



  • Discussed the importance of getting next year’s grant done in time (spring).


  • BC Society Annual Report has been filed. Fee of $40.00 paid on personal credit card.
  • Certificate of Good Standing Request has been mailed. Fee of $35.00 paid by personal cheque.
  • Will require information on sponsor of past meet in order to send thank you letter.
  • Require a list of clubs that attended C-Big meet in order to send thank you letters.


  • Sarah Grey will be mentoring with Sarah this year
  • Discussed success of C-Big meet. Felt it went well despite the transition period the club is facing with many veteran parents no longer involved. Had new stroke and turn officials and extra senior officials able to mentor. 19 of the volunteer officials did not have swimmers.
  • Discussed upcoming clinics.
  • Discussed white club shirt order.


  • Thank you letters for banquet will be out this weekend.
  • Swim meet- over 3 days- 938.00 total fundraising.
  • Looking at other fundraisers other than 50/50.
  • Coat check positions full for Festival of Trees.
  • Centennial Foods fundraiser will go ahead.


  • No report


  • Discussed C-Big swim meet. It finished 4 hours faster than last year. Will receive a rebate from the city for finishing early. The Eliminator will look different next spring- will not be using electronic system. 74 Barracudas registered. There were 3 scratches and 3 club records.18 club swimmers swam 100 % personal bests.
  • Discussed upcoming Christmas Mini Meet-will take place Dec. 7 with 37 kids registered.
  • Discussed Kamloops meet in December-16 swimmers currently registered (Nov. 26 deadline)
  • Discussed upcoming time trial on Dec,21- 400/ 800 freestyle
  • Criminal records have been completed
  • Discussed ordering sweatshirts for coaches at a cost of 300.00- 350.00.
  • Discussed budget for C-Big meet. Almost same amount of swimmers as last year. Received more money from sponsorship.
  • Discussed banquet: Expenses this year came to $3864.00. Revenue from tickets was $3100.00- remaining $764.00 was covered by club. (Expenses were approximately 6000.00 for last year’s banquet).
  • Discussed swimmer attendance, with the average being at 82%.
  • Working with Swim BC. Insurance expiring soon.
  • Discussed current qualification numbers for age groups/ provincial/ national meets.


  • Winter swim school opens in 2 weeks


  • Account sitting at approx. $27,000


  1. Registrar Position.

Two individuals have expressed interest in sharing the Registrar position.

Discussed whether this position could be shared. Kelly will speak with the 2 individuals further about the position. Further discussion about this position will be tabled to January meeting.


NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, January 14th.

TIME:  7:00 PM

LOCATION: Kerim’s office




October 30, 2019


Location: Northwood Room at the Prince George Aquatic Centre


Attendees: Tracy Williams, Karen Lange, Kerim Ozcan, Louis Vertue, Jason Vaughn, Marilyn King, Tyler Bauman, Joe Flavel, Kristen Scott, Tammy Bristowe,  Candace Wotlen, Candace Forgues, Darren Smit, Candice Smit, Toni Burleigh, Cherrie Cloarec, Candace O’Connor, Holly Lavin-Rodts, Susan O’Bryan, Shawn Spencer, Kelly Esopenko, Wendy Pelkey, Erin Bohn, Duncan McKellar, Nicole Ellington, Rance Ellington, Cindy Thomson, Sarah Stratton, Kathy Rice, Julia Bolton, Jerzy Partyka



1.    Call meeting to order and Welcome

o   Kerim Ozcan called meeting to order at 6:12 pm and all reminded to sign attendance sheet. Quorum was confirmed. Tracy Williams recorded minutes.

2.     Approval of agenda

o   Agenda circulated.

o   Kerim Ozcan made a motion for approval of the Agenda.

o   Erin Bohn made a motion to approve the Agenda as amended; motion seconded by France Ellington. All in Favour. Motion carried.                            

3.    Adoption of minutes from November 14, 2018 AGM

o   Minutes distributed and reviewed.

o   Kerim Ozcan asked for errors or omissions and requested a motion to approve the minutes as presented.

o   Kelly Esopenko made a motion to approve the minutes from the November 14, 2018 AGM as presented. Motion was seconded by Marilyn King. All in favour. Motion carried.  

       4.   President’s Report: Kerim Ozcan

Welcome and thank you for all those in attendance. I would like to take the opportunity to thank our entire coaching team led by Jerzy and Jason.  Your efforts are truly appreciated by the Barracudas. I would like to thank my fellow executive members of the Prince George Barracudas for their wonderful contribution. I am thankful for them being on our team. A special thank you to Kelly Esopanko, our current Registrar,  and Sheila Nelson, our Treasurer, both of these jobs are continually ongoing and require a great deal of dedication.  

Club philosophy: Executives hire coaches and coaches develop coaching philosophy and training routines. Executive does not dictate coach’s direction on pool deck.

Our club is thriving in terms of numbers and participation of our programs. Our Registrar, Kelly Espanko, assures me the feeder streams/ schools into our program are healthy with classes being full.

Our finances, as to be outlined by Sheila Nelson, show our club to be in stable financial footing with a generous grant from the provincial government of 62,000 and a modest increase in our fees of 2.5 percent.

Our two swim meets held in November, 2018 and April, 2019 were a success, hosting a number of teams from BC.

With regards to club volunteerism. The club is the envy of the entire province but we are at risk of losing this great position if parents do not continue to volunteer for swim meets and current open executive positions. Our club suffers from the pandemic apathy towards volunteerism seen in many organizations today. We currently have executive positions that are not being filled due to lack of commitment by the club membership. Many of the current executive and senior officials DO NOT have swimmers in the club and have not for many years. They have collectively volunteered 1000’s of hours per year so that children can continue to swim. It is time for this membership to step up and do your part to ensure the club continues to thrive. This means filling vacancy positions for executive and additionally moving up the ladder in the officiating world. The trend is concerning.

Our club enjoys the privilege of having 5 Senior Mater Level V officials with Swim BC with 4 of these individuals participating on a regular basis at the national level. They are wonderful assets for the Barracudas and should not be taken for granted.

It is my hope that the membership steps up to volunteer in order to keep the club healthy and vibrant.

 5.   Treasure’s Report: Sheila Nelson (presented by Kerim Ozcan)

My apologies for not being there to attend the AGM in person.  I have provided this written report to explain what has occurred financially over the past year.

The financial package is composed of the Balance Sheet, Statement of Revenue & Expenses, Actual versus Projected Revenues and Expenses for 2019 and Budgets for 2020 and 2021.  Just as a reminder, the Balance Sheet presents amounts as at a specific date, in this case balances as at August 31, 2019 with comparative figures for the 2018 yearend.  The Statement of Revenue and Expenses is an accumulation of transactions for the entire year from September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019.  There are also comparative figures for 2018.

Starting with the Balance Sheet, you will see that cash balance is higher than it was last year and Accounts payable is lower.  This is as a result of 2 factors: the money we paid for the Scoreboard was refunded to us by the City of PG ($33,000) and, although we paid for more by August 31, 2019 we ended the year in a profitable position.  Our profit this year was approximately $27,000 which offsets the losses incurred in two previous years (2018: -$22,000, 2017: -$5,000).  Continuing with the balance sheet, there was accounts receivable this year, mostly attributable to an overpayment of the Visa in August.  Deferred revenue is comprised of $62,000 of community gaming funds with remainder for fees collected in August, 2019 for the 2019/20 season.

 As mentioned previously, the Statement of Revenue and Expenses shows a profit of $27,000.  As with the Balance Sheet, this statement is broken out between the General fund and the Gaming fund.  We are required to track the Gaming fund separately for both funding and reporting purposes.  The Gaming fund is used to help pay salaries and wages of our coaches.  Revenues were $22,000 higher than last year, mostly due to a fee increase, more swim meet revenue, higher masters and other dues and fees and an increase in other fundraisers and the fund raising levy.  Please note the fund raising levy fluctuates depending on who is fundraising and to what extent.  Masters and other fees and dues also includes swim school and swim camp.  Other Fundraisers includes revenue associated with a big jump in inventory to reflect 300+ silicone caps in inventory at the end of the year.  Total expenses decreased by $27,000 in comparison to 2018, mostly due to a decrease in coaches’ wages, pool rental and swim meets.  Many thanks to the Board and especially Jerzy for really trying to cut costs in all areas of the Club.  As you can see, the result is a recovery of the previous 2 years’ losses which is really good for the Club.

 The financial statements are in draft form, awaiting some minor adjustments but any resulting changes to the bottom line should be insignificant.

 Thank-you for listening.  Should you have any questions, you can reach me at my email address with the Club:

 o   Reviewed financial statements as provided for year ending August 31, 2019.

o   A motion was made by Kathy Rice to accept the draft financial report as presented and was seconded by Jason Vaughn. All in favor. Motion carried.                          

6.    Head Coach’s Report: Jerzy Partyka

  • Offered gratitude to his coaching staff, the Board of Directors and to Kerim Ozcan for his motivation and efforts as president of the club. He thanked the new volunteers who had recently stepped up into Social Director, Equipment Manager and Food Preparation roles.
  • Shared enrollment numbers (182 members total).
  • Discussed meet schedule for the season including a provincial training camp this winter.
  • Shared enrolment numbers for recent and upcoming meets.
  • Shared that club is seeing more swimmers registering as non-competitive swimmers.
  • Shared attendance stats.
  • Shared that Swim BC and Swim Canada have posted new time standards.
  • Shared meet results from the past season.


7.    Fundraising Directors Report: Erin Bohn

  • Spring Swim Meet- Heat sheet and 50/50- $946.50 to club
  • Eater Purdy’s- $605.60 total sales- $151.40 to families
  • Centennial Foods-$1520.79 total sales- $305.00 (roughly) to families

Fundraising is in full swing for the 2019/2020 swim season.

The banquet was a great success in a new venue with delicious food. The silent auction brought in a total of $1580.00. Every item for auction was bid on and won by gracious bidders.

50/50 in place for upcoming swim meet.

Christmas Purdy’s fundraiser is up and running with some orders in. Deadline for ordering is November 27th with December 13th as pick up day at the Aquatic Center.

Centennial Foods fundraiser will be coming out this week. We are trying this fundraiser twice this year. Food for the holidays and then again in spring. We’ll see how this works and what kind of feedback I get.

Coat check for Festival of Trees is posted on swim board at pool. About 50% of positions filled.

Yalenka coat check will be posted next month.

Looking for a new fundraiser for the New Year… just need to look for more information to see if it will be beneficial for club members.

I just want to say thank you to everyone for all the feedback…positive and negative. Thank you to baring with me as I’m still learning. Huge thanks to Louis for still walking me through this process. The support from him and the club has been nothing but great!

8.    Nomination and Election of Directors and Officers

The following Directors positions are up for election:

o   Registrar:

o   Fundraising Director:

o   Travel Director:

o   Director of Officials:

The following individuals have let their names stand for above positions:

o   Registrar:

o   Fundraising Director: Erin Bohn

o   Travel Director: Marilyn King

o   Director of Officials:


Kerim Ozcan called for nominations from the floor for the following Directors positions:

o   Registrar:

o   Fundraising Director: Erin Bohn

o   Travel Director: Marilyn King

o   Director of Officials:


Elected by acclamation:

o   Registrar: Vacant (Kelly will continue on interim basis until position is filled.)

o   Fundraising Director: Erin Bohn

o   Travel Director: Marilyn King

o   Director of Officials: Vacant (Sarah Stratton will continue on interim basis until position is filled.)


9.      New Business:

o   Kerim Ozcan called for any new business from the floor. No new business items were brought forward.

o   Kerim Ozcan called for any questions or concerns from the floor.

o   Questions and concerns raised:

A suggestion was made to have a description of positions available.

A question was asked regarding sponsorship for meets.


10.              Adjournment:

o        Kerim Ozcan called for meeting to be adjourned.

o        Meeting adjourned 7:15pm