Executive Minutes




Attendees: Kerim, Karen, Kelly, Jerzy, Michael, Marilyn, Sheila,

Regrets: Sarah, Louis

Location:  Kerim’s office

Called meeting to order at 7:15 pm


Reviewed minutes from Nov 8, 2017 meeting.


MOTION: made to accept Nov 8, 2017 minutes as written by Kerim, seconded by Marilyn Motion carried.


ACTION ITEMS from previous meetings not yet completed and Nov 8, 2017 meeting  were reviewed..



  • No report



  • Fall meet went well; pleased with attendance and turnout



  • Karen has prepared thank you letter for fall meet sponsors. Shelia provided envelopes. Michael will distribute thank you letters to the medical community.
  • Question re NBC Sports Engine US company claiming largest directory for youth sports organizations; requesting that PGBSC verify our Club listing. Is this something we want to do? PGBSC is not interested at this time.
  • Need a final budget for AGM meeting records
    • ACTION: Sheila to forward Karen a copy of final budget for AGM records.



  • Georgie has been working with Sarah to help transition into the Director of Officials role.  Sarah has been helping Karen Haseldine transition into the Social Coordinator role. 
  • Sarah has set up a series of Officiating Clinics.  Please see below.  I still need a few spots filled for Instructors.
    • Official Swimming Clinics

Stroke and Turn Clinic (3 hours)

•           Saturday, February 3rd    8:00- 11:00 am

•           Instructor: Tammy Baerg


Starter Clinic (3 hours)

•           Thursday, Feb. 8th    5:30-8:30 pm

•           Instructor: Possibly Marilyn?

ACTION: Kerim check his availability for this clinic


Meet Manager Clinic (3 hours)

•           Tuesday, Feb. 20th or Thursday, Feb. 22   5:30-8:30 p.m.  

  • Not sure what the plan is to facilitate this?


Chief Timekeeper (1 hour)

•           Tuesday, March 13th      6:00- 7:00 pm

•           Instructor: Tammy Baerg


Electronics (3 hours)

•           Tuesday, May 8th or Thursday, May 10th   5:30-8:30 p.m.-

•           Instructor: Tammy Baerg but needs someone to supervise


Referee Clinic (3 hours)

•           Saturday, May 5th    8:00-11:00 am (note change of date)

•           Instructor: Marilyn King


Introduction to Swim Officiating/Safety Marshall (2 hours)- offering 2 courses

•           Monday, April 16th  5:30 -7:30 pm- Instructor: Kathy Rice

•           Tuesday, April 10th  5:30-7:30 pm- Instructor: Jeff Brown


Recorder/Clerk of Course (1.5 hours)

•           Tuesday, May 1, Wednesday May 2, or Thursday May 3     6:00-7:30 pm

  • Not sure what the plan is to facilitate this course.


  • Upcoming Events:
    • Bowling and Pizza Party – Saturday, Feb. 3rd  at 2:00-4:00 pm Black Diamond Lanes
    • Time Trial- Saturday, Feb. 10th
    • Adult Pub Night- Saturday, Feb. 24th @ 6:00 pm. Shooters Pub.
      • ACTION:  Sarah Stratton to communicate to Karen Haseldine to send out reminder notice for parents re PGBSC Pub night


  • Louis will submit report to Karen to include in minutes Feb 1, 2019
  • Fall swim meet Heat Sheets and Pens - $470
  • Fall swim meet 50/50 - $592 in sales with $296 going to the club
  • Purdy’s Christmas fundraiser – $5 837 in total sales with credits to families FRL - $1 459
  • Festival of Trees coat check - $1 706 with 100% going to families FRL
  • Malenka coat check - $267 with 100% going to families FRL
  • Ongoing Purdy chocolate bar sales $520 with $260 going to families FRL
  • T-shirt People from the Fall swim meet - $110 with 100% going to the club



  • Discussion re meet subsidies for 2018.
  • Motion made by Marilyn to award meet subsidies to PGBSC members with a minimum 82% overall practice attendance and who qualify and compete in the following meets: AA $200 (tier 1); AAA ‘s (tier 2) $300; Westerns $400; Mel Zayjac$ 400; Canadian Jr Nationals $ 600; Canadian Nationals $600. Seconded by Michael. All in favor, motion approved.




  • Medical Sprints meet results reviewed;
  • Jan 27 28 Club attended meet in Williams Lake
  • Feb 16 17 attending Quesnel meet
  • Tier 2 Kamloops; 13 swimmers qualified
  • Tier 1 March 9-11; 7 swimmers qualified
  • Westerns Victoria April 12-15; 3 swimmers qualified
  • Canadian trials April 5-8th 1 swimmer qualified
  • Feb 10th time trial organization; discussed need to inform timers of need for timing accuracy and staying in lane assigned to perform timing duties
  • Jose organizing sponsors for Dental Moose meet in spring
  • Jason is applying for meet sanction with Swim BC
  • Looking for volunteers for Ice man Feb 11th
  • Reviewed Club attendance records for all groups. 78% attendance overall for all groups



  • No report


  • Reviewed Club finances/bank balances
  • Numbers are down compared to last year this time;
  • May be increase in legal fees for Bylaw project  


  • None



NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday March 14th 2018

TIME: 7:00pm

LOCATION: Kerim’s office



Location: Northwood Room at the Prince George Aquatic Cen

Attendees: Karen Lange, Kelly Esopenko, Marilyn King, Kathleen Angell, Keely Roberts, Sarah Gray, Lynsey Thompson, Jaime Bauman, Marta Geatsana, Siyanna Bennett, Erica Brough, Dianne Zapotichny, Julie Anderson, Damon Graves, Amy Wilkinsun, Julie Lizotte, Jaime Parmar, Laura Zapotichny, Nicole Ellington, Julia Bolton, Dave Callaway, Deborah Ward, Mike Hoon, Brandan Marchand, Keith Movold, Brad Melddrum, Melissa Reddekopp, Erin Macfarlane, Mark Dresen, Nicole Kish, Kris Lewington, Michael Moran, Georgie Gerula, Duncan McKellar, Sarah Stratton, Kerim Ozcan, Shelia Neslo


Call meeting to order and Welcome

Micheal Moran called meeting to order at 6:35 pm and all reminded to sign attendance sheet. Karen Lange recorded minutes

Approval of agenda

  1. Agenda circulated.

  2. Micheal Moran called for motion to approve agenda as presented.

  3. Kerim Ozcan made motion to approve agenda; motion seconded by Kris Lewington Vote: unanimous with no objections. Motion carried.

  4. Adoption of minutes from October 18, 2016 AGM

  5. Minutes circulated and reviewed.

  6. Marilyn King made a motion to approve minutes from October 18, 2016 AGM. Motion seconded by Kelly Esopenko Vote: unanimous with no objections. Motion carried.

  7. President’s Report: Michael Moran

    • Welcome and thank you for attending

    • The PBGSC had a fantastic 2016-17 season. The Club has close to 200 members currently. Our organization and membership is growing which is positive.

    • Thank you to Jerzy and all the coaches for their dedication and work to develop our Club swimmers and mentor our Jr coaches.

    • The PGBSC is well recognized throughout BC and Canada. This can be attributed to our coaching staff and they deserve recognition and credit for job well done.

    • Thank you to the current executive for their time and efforts to support the Club and carry out their duties.

    • Thank you to volunteers who support our meets and volunteer for various Club events. Our volunteers serve a very important and necessary role. The Club cannot operate successfully without volunteer support.

    • A brief outline of the Club’s philosophy was provided: Executive hires coaches and coaches develop coaching philosophy and training routines. Executive does not dictate coach’s direction on pool deck (i.e. training for sprint meets). Coaches run the programs and executive oversees Club operations

    • PGBSC coaching excellence is reflected in our swimmers excellent performance

    • A special thank you to Shelia Nelson and Kerim Ozcan. These executive members play an integral role in writing and submitting annual gaming grant proposals on behalf of the PGBSC. They also invested significant time and energy liaising with both Northern Development Initiatives and the City of Prince George to secure the purchase of the new electronic scoreboard equipment. Thank you Sheila and Kerim.


  8. Treasure’s Report: Sheila Nelson

  9. Reviewed financial statements as provided for year ending August 31, 2017

  10. Sheila called attention to an error in the financial statement that will be corrected

  11. Reviewed account balances and pointed out general verses gaming funding

  12. Some items to note on balance sheet:

    • General fund and gaming funds are separate

    • Gaming fund has negative balance. Gaming funds were used to pay coaches’ salaries but only for this year

    • Accounts payable are incurred expenses that have not been invoiced and paid as of August 31, 2017

    • Asset funds: scoreboard and starting block funds are allocated for gaming purposes

    • Revenues and expenses statement: negative due to amortization of the scoreboard purchase

    • Membership fees and dues were down slightly due to slight reduction in number of swimmers last fiscal

    • Meet expenses fluctuate yearly depending on Club travel and location of various meets.

    • Fundraising level is dependent on families that use levy to offset costs as opposed to those who pay the levy at the start of the season

    • Expenditures: gaming i license s one half of 50\50 for meets

    • Budgets: 2018, 2019,and actuals reviewed

    • Not anticipating a large increase in Club fee structure; a 2.5% was implemented for 2016-17.

    • Motion to accept financial draft report made by Kelly Esospenko, seconded by Kris Lewington. All in favor. Motion carried


  13. Head Coach’s Report: Jerzy Partyka

  14. Thank you to Club members and the board for supporting the PGBSC coaching staff.

  15. PGBSC had a successful season last year. A detailed review of Club results was presented.

  16. Club swimmers competed at all levels. 5 Club swimmers are currently swimming at the university level. Josiah Binema competed at Jr Worlds in 2017.

  17. PGBSC members attended 7 short course meets.

  18. 49 club records were set in the short course season. That is a significant number and coaches are very proud of swimmers performance.

    • PGBSC 400m/ 1500m time trial, 1 club record set

    • PGBSC fall medical meet and spring dental moose meet, 4 Club records

    • Kamloops Ice Classic; 7 Club records set

    • Quesnel meet; 45 swimmers, 2 club records set

  19. PGBSC hosted Swim BC NE regional training camp in fall 2016 and 2017

  20. Short course BCAAA’s PGBSC finished 8th overall of 41 teams entered

  21. PGBSC swimmers Canada Power rankings for 2016-17 were reviewed

  22. Danica Ludlow and Josiah Binema swam at the international level in 2016-17 and performed well

  23. Long Course season the Club attended 9 meets and time trials; 10 Club records set

    • 3 Swimmers participated in Canadian Senior open in Surrey

    • 4 swimmers participated in Canadian nationals in Victoria

    • Westerns Canadians results reviewed

    • Long course BC AAA’s PGBS finished 34th overall

    • Claire Brown participated in Indigenous games

    • Hailey Black set new record at US university for 200 fly

    • Josiah Binema Jr worlds 57th in 50 fly, 37th in 100 fly

  24. Great results for all

  25. Thank you to Jason and Teri for their excellent work and a job well done

  26. Discussed new format for BC championships: Tier 1, 2 and 3 format and how swimmers can qualify for AAA’s.

  27. 192 swimmers are currently registered

  28. Reviewed number of swimmers in each registration program category

  29. Swimmer attendance play an is an role in Clun performance

    • Attendance for 2016-17 overall average was 80%

    • Reviewed attendance numbers for each individual swimming group


  30. Fundraising Directors Report:

  31. Kris Lewingtonpresented report on behalf of Louis Vertue

  32. Overall, PGBSC Fundraising had a good year and a breakdown of the main fundraisers is provided below:

    • Purdy’s Easter and Christmas Chocolate fundraising :Total sales of $12 215 which allowed for FRL credits to families for the amount of $3 054

    • Ongoing Purdy’s chocolate bar sales: Total sales of $2 100 which allowed for FRL credits to families for the amount of $1 050

    • Festival of the Trees coat check : $1 554 raised and 100% going to families FRL’s

    • Malenka coat check: $281 raised and 100% going to families FRL’s

    • Heat Sheet Sales and 50/50 profit from Swim Meets : $1 654 to the club

    • Raffle Baskets at Dental Moose Meet: $559 to the club

    • Silent Auction at the Banquet: $1 100 to the club

    • Centennial Foods orders: $2 289 in sales and $442 going to families FRL’s

  33. In addition to the above fundraisers, we also have the “Return it” program for recycling as well as “On line book ordering” but these programs have very little movement.

  34. We are also looking at possibly doing a Dunkin Doughnut fundraiser sometime in the New Year as well as a Cookie Dough fundraiser. Further to these possible additions, we welcome any suggestions from all club members with ideas as to any other fundraisers.

  35. The club has again been given the opportunity to do the coat check at the Festival of the Trees at the end of November. The organizer of the Event (Shirli-Gene) was very impressed with how our club organized and looked after the Coat Check last year! Thank you to all who participated. This is a very big time commitment from the club and I ask that all families look at the schedule that I have posted on the notice board at the pool.

  36. As with any other Fundraiser that the club does where there is a physical time commitment required, we invariably struggle to fill all time slots and we have mostly the same families committing their time. My hope is that we get more involvement from a broader spectrum of the club when a time commitment is required so that the club is able to continue with such fundraisers and make them a success as well as any new ones that we might adopt or try.

  37. Thank you

  38. Nomination and Election of Directors and Officers

  39. The following Directors positions are up for election: Registrar; Fundraising Director; Travel & Meet Director; Director of Officials

  40. The following individuals have let their names stand for above positions:

    • Registrar: Kelly Esopenko

    • Fundraising Director: Louis Vertue

    • Travel & Meet Director: Marilyn King

    • Director of Officials: Vacant

  41. Micheal Moran called for nominations from the floor for the following Directors positions:

    • < >

      Fundraising Director

    • Travel & Meet Director

    • Director of Officials: Sarah Stratton was nominated by Karen Lange seconded by Kris Lewington

  42. Elected by acclamation Registrar: Kelly Esopenko; Fundraising Director: Louis Vertue; Travel & Meet Director: Marilyn King; Director of Officials: Sarah Stratton

  43. New Business:

  44. Michael Moran called for any new business from the floor.

  45. No new business items were brought forward.< >

  46. Micheal Moran called for meeting to be adjourned. Motion made by to adjourn annual general meeting by Marilyn King; seconded by Kris Lewington.

  47. Meeting adjourned 7:12pm