Executive Minutes




Attendees: Kerim, Jerzy, Kelly, Sheila (teleconference), Tracy, Erin, Louis, Sarah, Marilyn

Regrets: Karen

Location:  Kerim’s office

Called meeting to order at 7:00 pm


Reviewed minutes from Jan.16, 2019 meeting.

MOTION: made to accept Jan.16, 2019 minutes by Louis, seconded by Kelly.

Motion carried.

ACTION ITEMS from previous meetings not yet completed and Jan.26, 2019 meeting to review:


Louis, Sheila and Kerim applying for a grant at end of month. 2021 Games is a motivating factor for City. City approached Rob Trainer- regarding budgeting of electronic starting blocks at both ends. Some concern about stability of starting blocks.




  • No report


  • Feb. Time Trial was successful. Rob Trainer worked out electronic issues. Storage of equipment was concern as equipment was getting kinked.
  • April Meet: Rob will not be here for this meet. Additional training clinics will be offered prior to meet.
  • Officials: 65 members have a parent(s) with certification. 28 families currently do not have certification. 15 officials with timing certificate but without safety marshal training. 18 stroke and turn judges. 11-12 who continue to official despite not having children in the club.


  • Contacted Culligan for water for April meet.
  • Purdy’s Easter fundraising handed out. Change was made-requirement for online payment this year. Will see how this impacts sales.
  • Auction items unclaimed/ not bid on. Suggested that used in baskets for April meet.
  • Centennial foods fundraiser in works.
  • Gaming board reporting up to date.
  • Fundraising credits issued.



  • Busy time for room bookings and invoicing.
  • Very few invoicing questions since Christmas. Providing some families with invoices that are broken down further for clarification.


  • Presented expenses/ fees report.
  • Proposed fee schedule for in/out-of-town meets.
  • Reviewed results from February Time Trial
  • Reviewed results from Quesnel swim meet.
  • Reviewed results from BC Age Groups in Vancouver.
  • Reviewed swimmer attendance.
  • Discussed fall banquet (October 26 @ Columbus Hall)
  • Discussed upcoming Provincials in Kamloops.
  • Discussed upcoming Canadian Swimming Trials in Toronto-April 3-7
  • Discussed upcoming Western Canadian Championships in Edmonton-April 11-14.
  • Discussed pool rental expenses. Expenses are expected to be down from last year.



  • Approximately 200 members.
  • Currently in middle of swim school session with 16 swimmers. April 15 is start date for new swim school session.
  • Needs dates for summer camp.



  • Payroll- tight deadlines but all timesheets in on time to meet deadlines.
  • T4’s have been sent out.


  1. Policy on reduced fees to select swimmers families


  1. Policy guidelines for donation acknowledgement


  1. Scholarship


  1. Parent Training/ Courses


  1. New Fee Schedule


  1. Executive meeting dates



NEXT MEETING: April 16, 2019

TIME:  7:00 pm

LOCATION: Kerim’s office




November 14, 2018

Location: Northwood Room at the Prince George Aquatic Centre

Attendees: Karen Lange, Kelly Esopenko, Marilyn King, Sarah Stratton, Kerim Ozcan, Shelia Nelson,. Kris Lewington, Tracy Williams; Georgie Gerula; Jerzy Partyka; Candace Forgues; Mike Belshaw; Roxanne Giguere; Lacey Ralstar; Susan O’Bryan; Karen Sokolic; Julie Lizotte; Erin Tulle; Karl Dean; Kristen Dean; Sarah Gray; Jasbir Dhaliwal; Angela Clendenning; Krystof Starzyk; Landon Smith; Melanie Strye; Garnett Holflar; David Nelson; Candace Wolten; Scott Belavance; Jodi Nelson; Tuppy Hoehn; Sandra Dresen; Cindy Thompson; Erin Bohn; Byron White

  1. Call meeting to order and Welcome
  • Michal Moran sends his regrets. Kerim Ozcan called meeting to order at 6:12 pm and all reminded to sign attendance sheet. Karen Lange recorded minutes.
  1. Approval of agenda
  • Agenda circulated.
  • Kerim Ozcan called for motion to approve agenda as presented.
    • Marilyn King made motion to approve agenda as circulated; motion seconded by Sarah Stratton. Vote: unanimous with no objections. Motion carried.                           
  1. Adoption of minutes from November 15, 2017 AGM
  • Minutes circulated and reviewed.
  • Kelly Esopenko made a motion to approve minutes from November 15, 2017 AGM. Motion seconded by Kris Lewington Vote: unanimous with no objections. Motion carried.  


  1. Review and Adoption of PGBSC Constitution and Bylaws by Special Resolution (2/3rd of members present must vote in favor to pass)
    1. Be it resolved that the Prince George Barracudas Constitution and Bylaws be approved as circulated on the Prince George Barracudas Swim Club website.

Moved by Cindy Thompson seconded by Tracy Williams. This resolution was not voted on by the membership.

  1. Discussion followed regarding amendments to the Bylaws as posted. Three amendments were discussed:
    1. First amendment 2.2 b, change the age from 15 to 18 to read ”Active Members 18 years of age and over where the parents or guardians attend members meetings; and”
    2. Second amendment 3.1,  add an “s” to members to read “All members shall abide by the By-Laws in force as well as any regulations lawfully made by the Executive.”
    3. Third amendment 7.4 a, after Prince George add “surrounding areas” to read: The operations of the Society are to be chiefly carried on in the city of Prince George and surrounding areas, in the Province of British Columbia.

Be it resolved that the Constitution and amended Bylaws be adopted waiving the 14 day consultation period. Moved by Cindy Thompson and seconded by Tracy Williams All in favor. None opposed. Carried

  1. Be it resolved that Heather Sadler Jenkins, LLP, be appointed to file the transition documents under the BC Societies Act on behalf of the Prince George Barracudas Swim Club. Moved by Kelly Esopenko; seconded by Marilyn King. All in favor; none opposed. Carried.
  2. Be it resolved that item 2 b of the Constitution be amended to read as follows: “To promote encourage and maintain among its members, and others, an interest in all amateur aquatic sports.” Be it further resolved that this amendment be filed with the Province of British Columbia after the Prince George Barracuda Swim Club Societies Act transition has been completed. Moved by Sarah Stratton; seconded by Kelly Esopenko. All in favor, none opposed. Carried.
  3. Appointment of PGBSC Honorary Members by Resolution (1/2 of members present must vote in favor to pass)
    1. Be it resolved that Michael Moran, Georgie Gerual, Marilyn King, Sheila Nelson, Karen Lange, Kerim Ozcan and Kelly Esopenko are appointed as honorary members of the Prince George Barracuda Swim Club. Moved by Sarah Stratton, and seconded by Tracy Williams.

Discussion regarding rationale for selection of honorary members. Confirmed that honorary members will have voting privileges. Question regarding length of honorary membership. Bylaws are silent on length of an honorary appointment. Clarified that honorary members will have no voting power if no longer holding a position on the executive.

All in favor. None opposed Carried.


  1. President’s Report: Kerim Ozcan reporting on behalf of Michael Moran
    • Welcome and thank you for attending
    • Michael wishes to thank the Club and its members for privilege of serving on the executive of the Prince George Barracudas Swim Club for many years
    • Success of the Club is evident over the years of continuous strong swimming performances
  2. Treasure’s Report: Sheila Nelson
  • Reviewed financial statements as provided for year ending August 31, 2018
  • Explained rationale for Club financials as presented. Spread sheet is  set up according to format required for BC Gaming Fund reporting
  • Drew attention to the $23,000 deficit for 2017-18. Deficit is attributed to payout of wages higher than anticipated; swim meets revenue lower than anticipated (lacking in sponsorship funds and less swimmers in competitive streams); composition of  Club has shifted (allocation of swimmers in various groups; less swimmers in higher competitive levels accounts for reduction in membership fee revenues)
  • Plan to address deficit for 2018-19 season: board will continue to plan for cost savings measures where possible. Club will not offer meet subsidies for 2018-19 season; looking to host club events such as awards banquet to be cost recovery events; considering changes to meet sponsorship
  • 2.5 % increase in swimmer fees for 2018-19 was implemented for this season
  • Looking to recover coaches travel costs and expenses for higher level meets
  • Reviewed details of financial spread sheet
  • Question regarding shortfalls in meet sponsorship. Approximately $7000-$8000 shortfall in Medical Moose Meet sponsorship; sponsorship funds from medical community continue to decline
  • Executive is considering implementing a possible fee increase for 2019-20 season; PGBSC has one of the lowest fee schedules in the province currently
  • Motion to accept financial report as presented  by Cindy Thompson , seconded by Kris Lewington. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried                           
  1. Head Coach’s Report: Jerzy Partyka
  • Thank you to Georgie Gerula and Mike Moran for their commitment and valued service to the Club. Thank you to Club members and the executive for their continued support of the PGBSC coaching staff.
  • Thank you to all coaching staff who contribute to swimmers success
  • Meet schedule for 2018-19 is posted on the  Club website. A variety of meets at all levels are available for Club members to attend, including 7 time trial events to be held during the course of the season
  • Summary of swimmer groups and registration numbers were provided:
    • Swim School 16 registered
    • D 3 28 registered
    • D 2C 29 registered
    • Elite 13 registered
    • Y/N 9 registered
    • Fitness and development 18 registered
    • Masters 32 registered
    • Numbers are comparable to last year
  • 198 members in total.
  • Provided an overview of swimmers qualified for Tier 1 and Tier 2 meets (Provincial Championships) Jr National and Canadian Trials to date
  • PGBSC will host BC prospects camp in January of 2019
  • PGBSC attended Kitimat meet in Oct 2018; 15 swimmers attended
  • PGBSC attended Prince Rupert meet in Nov 2018; 33 swimmers attended
  • Provided an overview of Club swim meet results to date this season
  • Club tracks attendance on a monthly basis. An overview of Club  attendance records to date was provided in comparison to 2017-18 season. Attendance records are comparable to previous season
  • BC standards for Provincial Championships remain same as last season
  • National standards have been updated on Swim Canada website
  • Provided a detailed summary of swimmers meet performance over the 2017-18 season
  1. Fundraising Directors Report:
  • Kris Lewington presented fundraising report on behalf of Louis Vertue.
  • Overall, PGBSC Fundraising had a good year and a breakdown of the main fundraisers is provided below:

o          Purdy’s Easter and Christmas Chocolate fundraising:

Total sales of $6 952 which allowed for FRL credits to families for the amount of $1 737

o          Ongoing Purdy’s chocolate bar sales:

Total sales of $1 100 which allowed for FRL credits to families for the amount of $275

o          Festival of the Trees coat check:

$1 706 raised and 100% going to families FRL’s

o          Malenka coat check:

$267 raised and 100% going to families FRL’s

o          Heat Sheet Sales and 50/50 profit from Swim Meets:

$1 728 to the club

o          Silent Auction at the Banquet:

$1 100 to the club

  • In addition to the above fundraisers, we also have the “Return it” program for recycling as well as “On line book ordering” but these programs have very little movement.
  • Centennial Foods fundraiser is scheduled for the end of January 2019
  • We welcome any suggestions from all club members with ideas as to any other fundraisers.
  • The club has again been given the opportunity to do the coat check at the Festival of the Trees at the end of November. The organizer of the Event (Shirli-Gene) was again very impressed with how our club organized and looked after the Coat Check the last couple years! Thank you to all who participated. This is the largest time commitment from the club.
  • Thank you
  1. Nomination and Election of Directors and Officers
  • The following Directors positions are up for election:
    • President:
    • Vice-President:
    • Secretary:
    • Treasurer:
    • Fundraising Director:
  • The following individuals have let their names stand for above positions:
    • President: Kerim Ozcan
    • Vice-President: Louis Vertue
    • Secretary: Tracy Williams
    • Treasurer: Sheila Nelson
    • Fundraising Director:
  • Kerim Ozcan called for nominations from the floor for the following Directors positions:
  • President: Kerim Ozcan
  • Vice-President: Louis Vertue
  • Secretary: Tracy Williams
  • Treasurer: Sheila Nelson
  • Fundraising Director: Erin Bohn
  • Elected by acclamation President: Kerim Ozcan; Vice-President: Louis Vertue; Secretary: Tracy Williams; Treasurer: Sheila Nelson  Fundraising Director: Erin Bohn
  1. New Business:
  • Kerim Ozcan called for any new business from the floor.
  • No new business items were brought forward.
  1. Adjournment:
  • Kerim Ozcan called for meeting to be adjourned. Motion made by to adjourn annual general meeting by Marilyn King; seconded by Kris Lewington.
  • Meeting adjourned 7: 20pm