Executive Minutes






November 6, 2021


Location: Virtual meeting (MNP Office): 800-299 Victoria Street


Attendees: Cindy Thomson, Kerim Ozcan, Jerzy Partyka, Tracy Williams, Mark Grasley, Kelly Esopenko, Jason Vaughn., Marilyn King, Sheri Currie, Nicole Ellington, Rance Ellington, Clayton Wilkinson, Siyanna Bennett, Grant Woodridge, Phil Rice, Chris Holmes


  1. Call meeting to order and Welcome

Kerim Ozcan called the meeting to order at 10: 40am.  Quorum was confirmed. Tracy Williams recorded minutes.


  1. Approval of agenda

Agenda was circulated. A motion was made for approval of the Agenda.A motion was made by Cindy Thomson to approve the Agenda. The motion was seconded by Tracy Williams. All were in favour of approving the agenda. The motion was carried.                           

  1. Adoption of minutes from November 7, 20 AGM

Minutes from the November 7, 2020, AGM were distributed and reviewed. Kerim Ozcan asked for any errors or omissions and requested a motion to approve minutes as presented. A motion was made by Jason Vaughn to approve minutes from the November 7, 2020, AGM as presented. The motion was seconded by Mark Grasley. All were in favour of approving minutes as presented. The motion was carried.  


  1. President’s Report: Kerim Ozcan


It has been my pleasure to have been involved with the Prince George Barracudas for the past 17 years. As many of you know I have not put my name forward to continue as President as I feel it is an opportune time to hand over the running of the club to a very competent executive that I am grateful to have worked with through these past years.

If you will give me the indulgence to reflect about my time with the Barracuda’s I would be grateful.  Throughout this time, I have had the opportunity work with many wonderful individuals on the deck through officiating as well as serving our swim club through the executive. I can remember when my children started with the Barracudas in 2004, I was overwhelmed by being a timer at my children’s first swim meet in Prince George. I smile to myself at times and pinch myself when I stand on the deck as a national referee at the senior level…It has been an incredible journey. I want to thank Sheila Nelson, Mike Moran and Larry Crobot for the mentorship in my early days.

My time on the executive for the past decade and as President for the last 6 years has been amazing, full of rewards and certainly filled with challenges of the last two years due to the restrictions of Covid-19. As you will hear from the following reports, we appear to have weathered the storm thus far with regards to our fiscal position and club participation with high numbers of swimmers.

Presently the Prince George Barracuda Swim Club is in a position of building its ranks of swimmers with most of our numbers being in the younger age groups. In addition to building our swimmer numbers, officiating team members has taken a drastic decline as well and will require an extensive effort to reinvigorate this training and eventual participation. As I know these are volunteer positions it is incredibly important that to ensure the vitality of the club that we have full and continued participation from the membership.

In regard to volunteering on behalf of the executive I would encourage the membership to please understand that volunteerism is the vitality and strength of our club, the Prince George Barracudas.

This club is the envy of the entire province, but we are at risk of losing this great position if parents/members like yourself do not continue to volunteer for swim meets and the current executive of our club. We currently have executive positions that are not being filled due to lack of commitment and support by the club membership. There are a number of executive positions that are up for election and required for the optimal functioning of the club.

I would like to inform you that many of the outgoing executive and senior officials DO NOT have swimmers in the club and have not for many years. They have collectively volunteered 1000’s of hours per year so that your child can continue to swim. It is time for this membership to step up and do your part to ensure the club continues to thrive. This means two things. Firstly, filling the vacancy positions for executive and secondly, moving up the ladder in the officiating world and not remaining a timer forever. At first it is scary to get out of the timing role, but we are there to help you along the way to ensure that you succeed.

Our club enjoys the privilege of having 5 Senior Master Level V officials with Swim BC with 4 of these individuals participating on a regular basis at the national level. You may say so what. No other club in BC and few pools in Canada have these levels of officials. These individuals provide mentorship to all the officials underneath and allows our pool to thrive. We have incredible strength in our club; let us continue to allow it to flourish. So… the next time you are asked to volunteer for a swim meet or an executive position before you find all the reasons not to volunteer or contribute … maybe just maybe… it is time to step up… do it as your contribution to the club. Do it as an example to your kids of volunteerism and we the Prince George Barracudas can be a continuously invigorated swim club and example for all of British Columbia to emulate.

In closing I would like to thank Jason Smith, our assistant coach, for all his tireless hours he has enjoyed in the coaching the junior ranks.  He has been instrumental in ensuring the integrity of the programs for our younger swimmers. An additional thank you for his services as registrar.  I would like to thank the entire executive team members who have been instrumental in the continued success of this club. An additional thank you to Cindy Thomson and Tracy Williams for always keeping me on track and organized. Lastly and importantly, I would like to give a warm thank to my friend of 17 years Jerzy Partyka, our head coach, as he has guided me over the last many years providing leadership and guidance on running the club. I will miss seeing you on deck.

With my closing comments I leave the club in extremely competent hands and close my remarks of my last AGM


  1.  Treasure’s Report: Cindy Thomson

Reviewed financial statements for the fiscal year ending August 31, 2021.

Marilyn King made a motion to accept the financial report as presented. The motion was seconded by Tracy Williams. All were in favour of approving the report as presented. The motion was carried.

Cindy presented a budget for the 21/22 swim season. A motion was made by Mark Grasley to approve the proposed budgets as presented. The motion was seconded by Kerim Ozcan. All were in favour of approving the proposed budgets as presented. The motion was carried.  


  1. Head Coach’s Report: Jerzy Partyka


  • Thank you to Kerim Ozcan, Kelly Espoenko, and Marilyn King for great commitment to the Club for the last 17 years.
  • Registration for the current, 2021-22 season:  159 swimmers

 (Swim school 18, D3 22, 2C 17, 2AB 17, DI 10, Fit. 23, E 4, Masters37, Youth 11)

  • A comparison to previous swim seasons:

2018-19:186 members

2019-20: 182 members 

  • Coaching staff: Jason, Kathleen, Sydney, Julia, Katya, Jerzy
  • Upcoming meets:

- Kamloops Invitational Swim Meet Dec. 10-12, 2021

- TT Nov. 20 - events 50s,100s, 200s (8:30-11:30 am)

- Christmas TT Dec. 4, Events 25s,50s (9:45- 11:30 am)

- Swim BC meets schedule posted on website

  • Welcome and thank you to Nicole Ellington for taking over role as Equipment Manager.


  1. Fundraising Directors Report: Vacant- no report


  1. Nomination and Election of Directors and Officers


The following Directors positions are up for election:

  • President (1 year)
  • Vice President (1 year)
  • Registrar
  • Director of Officials
  • Travel & Meet Director
  • Fundraising Director


The following individuals have let their names stand for above positions:

  • President (1 year): Mark Grasley
  • Vice President (1 year)
  • Registrar: Jason Smith
  • Director of Officials: Sarah Gray
  • Travel & Meet Director
  • Fundraising Director


Kerim Ozcan called for nominations from the floor for the following Directors positions:

  • President (1 year): Mark Grasley
  • Vice President (1 year) Clayton Wilkinson
  • Registrar: Jason Smith
  • Director of Officials: Sarah Gray
  • Travel & Meet Director: Marilyn King (interim)
  • Fundraising Director: vacant


Elected by acclamation:

  • President (1 year): Mark Grasley
  • Vice President (1 year) Clayton Wilkinson
  • Registrar: Jason Smith
  • Director of Officials: Sarah Gray
  • Travel & Meet Director: Marilyn King (interim)
  • Fundraising Director: vacant


  1. New Business:

Kerim Ozcan called for any new business from the floor.

  • No new business


  1. Adjournment:

Kerim Ozcan called for meeting to be adjourned.  The meeting was adjourned 11:25 am