As they become available, information on PHAST's Minutes, Bylaws, and Policies on the following matters will be added here:

Bylaws: Antigonish

Working draft of PHAST Antigonish Bylaws


Cover letter regarding new Swimming Canada facility rules

Facility Rules

Facility Rules FAQ

Discipline & Complaints

Should the behaviour of a swimmer warrant consideration of any disciplinary action, the following steps will be followed as closely as possible in order to promote the club`s goals and objectives.

  1. If the swimmer is disrupting the practice he/she will be given a verbal warning.
  2. Should the behaviour continue to disrupt practice, the swimmer will be asked to get out of the pool and sit quietly on the pool deck in order to reflect on their actions.
  3. If all attempts to correct unwanted behaviour, the swimmer will be asked to leave practice. Communication with the swimmer`s parents will be made by the coach.
  4. If the behaviour continues to persist, than the club`s executive will intervene

Parent Code of Conduct

Parent Viewing/Observation Area

Parents wishing to watch practices need to keep in mind that training a large number of swimmers takes all of the coach’s concentration and parents must not interrupt or interfere with the training. Parents are asked to remain in the observation deck.

As PHAST does carry liability insurance for the safety of athletes, officials and coaches alike, it is not inclusive of parents. Understanding this limitation, parents are not permitted on pool deck during practice, or competition at any time. If you would not skate out into the middle of a hockey practice, wait until swimming is over to speak to a swim coach.

Should parents have any questions regarding the training activities please contact your child’s coach. If there are further questions, please then contact the head coach. If the head coach cannot provide the needed information to you, then contact the president of the club (Antigonish, or in Port Hawkesbury). A meeting will be arranged between coach, asst. coach, president and parent.

Photograph Policy

Each parent/guardian will be asked to sign a waiver on their registration form that their swimmer's image and name may be used in publicity promoting the club. The swimmers' photo and name may appear on the club's facebook, Instagram, website, and in local media. Evey effort is taken to insure that the photos used are good photos of good swimming and ones that the swimmer would be happy with. If you/your swimmer would like to opt out of being part of the publicity of the team, there is that option on the registration form. 

For others taking photos at meets, please be aware that flash photography is not allowed as it interferes with the light form the starting system.

Dispute Resolution

  1. If a person or party has a grievance with another person or party, the persons or parties concerned shall meet privately in an attempt to resolve grievance.
  2. If the parties fail to resolve the grievance, the griever(s) shall put the grievance in writing to the Liaison Committee.
  3. Upon receiving the written grievance, the Executive shall appoint an ad hoc Liaison Committee  to meet with the parties directly involved with the grievance, and following the hearing shall render the decision to resolve the dispute.
  4. If the decision of the Liaison Committee is not acceptable to the aggrieved party, the party may meet with the Executive Committee of the PHAST (ANTIGONISH). Following the meeting, the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.
  5. The Liaison Committee shall consist of the three members of the PHAST (ANTIGONISH) appointed the Executive who have no conflict of interest in the grievance. . If any members of the Liaison Committee or the Executive Committee is directly involved in the dispute, such member shall be excused for the specific dispute at hand and another person shall be appointed by the President or Executive.
  6. Notwithstanding the forgoing, the staff of the Alumni Aquatic Center shall communicate any problems concerning the PHAST (ANTIGONISH) and its members directly to the President.

Yet to come: 

  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Code of Conduct & Ethics
  • Appeals
  • Screening Policy
  • Hazing Policy
  • Coaches Employment Agreement
  • Coaches Job Description