Coaches Corner

Coach Chris’s Corner

I want to welcome everyone back for the 2020/2021 season. The Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club has existed for nearly 60 years but I’m still confident in saying this will be the most unusual season in all of those years. The last six months have proven the folly of trying to make predictions in the age of COVID but I thought I would try to at least outline what I “hope” could be an arc for this season.

To start with we’re obviously going to be staying within the confines of Prince Rupert. We will still create regular opportunities for competition. We’re planning to start with a joint time trial with Terrace in early November for the competitive half of the program. That will be followed shortly by an in-house mini-meet for the developmental groups. We’ll hold a series of those throughout the season. I’m hoping we can arrange another joint trial before Christmas but whether it’s in conjunction with another club or not, we will be getting some race results before we leave for Christmas break.

This might be wildly optimistic, but I’m hoping that in the new year we might be allowed to do some in-person meets with other clubs in the North. It’s hard to imagine full regional meets right away, but I can envision a series of Duel Meets. We can play with different formats and swimmer groupings but I think there’s a lot we can do that would be both safe and fun. The dream is that by next summer we might be able to travel outside the confines of the region. The provinces are still planning for summer Provincial Championships and we will hold out hope that those come to fruition.

We were away for too long. It’s been great just to be back in the water, but now I think it’s time to take the next step and get back to racing. Get back to working towards goals and looking ahead to what’s next. It might be a weird year but I think we’re still going to have a great season. Welcome back PRASC!