Swimmer of the Month

Swimmers of the Month – April 2019

Class 1:  Jonah Stacey is our Class 1 swimmer of the month for April. Jonah puts in a good effort, shows up on time for dryland training, and just keeps on getting better and better.

Class 1.5: Alex Daniil has improved so much since he began swimming with the club. He tries hard every practice, his dives and streamline are now looking really good, and he has mastered the complicated art of focusing on the task at hand.  I look forward to seeing him race at our upcoming swim meet.

Class 2: Nadina Cam is new to our club, and has taken Class 2 by storm. She has perfect attendance this month, and is picking up all that “swim club” lingo and skills super fast. And that kick! Woohoo! She raced at the April Duel Meet for the first time, and she’s going to swim at the Rupert meet as well. Welcome to the Rapids, Nadina!

Class 3: Peter Joubert is a steady swimmer, takes his training pretty seriously and puts in a great effort at swim meets. He had best times in 8 events in Prince George! Nice job, Peter!

Class 4/5/6: Lauryn Fontaine member of the senior girls relay team, newly fledged life guard, part of the morning “flying squad”. Lauryn scored a best time in the 50 Fr in PG this April, soooooo close to breaking 30. Lauryn has a slightly different swimming story than many of our seniors in that she only started swim club a couple years ago after having swam as a young child. Watch her at the Rupert meet, folks.  Cross your fingers for her.

Masters: Jamie Alexander is our Masters Swimmer of the Month for April. Probably our most consistent Master swimmer, Jamie misses very few evening practices, and also trains with the Special Olympics team on Tuesday and Thursday. He’s an all around swimmer, but tends to race the longer events such as 200 Breast and 200 Free. At the Special Olympics swim meet this past weekend, Jamie took off a schwack of time in every race, and of course made the papers. Jamie is training to attend some big meets in the next year; Provincials, Nationals and I even heard a rumour of an international Special Olympics meet.


Swimmers of the Month – February & March 2019

Class 1:  Pierce Campbell is the first swimmer on deck virtually every practice, and tells me swimming is his very favourite thing ever. Isn’t it wonderful to have such enthusiasm?

Class 1.5: Courtney King began swimming with the club this season, and seems to improve with every practice.  First she picked up the strokes, now she’s working on her turns and dives, plus she works hard every day at every set (even the kick sets). Great work Courtney, keep it up!

Class 2: Nikysha Bhandal has been training so hard in all her practices this year. No more floating around like a jellyfish; when she puts her mind to it this girl can MOVE. I’ve seen a huge improvement in all her strokes and turns this season, and she has a fantastic streamline. She’s on top of the technical details, too. Reads the clock, remembers the set, counts her strokes during minimax…keep it up kiddo.

Class 3:  Lia Crump is a quiet, steady swimmer. She puts in a sincere effort during practice, and performs well in races (even if they aren’t her favourite thing).

Class 4/5/6:  Iona Riesen is having a fantastic year, best times all over the place. A conscientious athlete, focused and intense, Iona is an asset to our team.

Masters: Lauren Blechta is a new swimmer to our club this year. And she’s FAST! With Lauren here the women are definitely keeping the men on their toes, both at morning and evening practices. As Lauren is now also working as a lifeguard, you never know when she might turn up. It’s great to add yet another young master swimmer to our roster, especially one who attends so many practices.


Swimmers of the Month – December 2018 & January 2019

Class 1:  Nena Pederson comes from a Rapids swim family, and she’s doing a great job at holding up her end, always tough when you have older siblings to live up to.

Class 1.5: Ekbir Singh has improved so much since he began swimming last spring. He tries hard every practice, his dives and streamline are looking really good, and he has mastered that complicated breaststroke coordination. Ekbir swam at the Prince Rupert meet in December with great results, and I expect more good things to come this spring.

Class 2: Carina Franes has had a good year so far. She consistently attends practices, works hard at technical details and had a great meet in Prince Rupert in December. Sadly (for me) this means that shortly she will be moving up to Class 3, I just know it.

Class 3: Alli Daniele is one of those kids that just keeps putting in the effort. She pays attention to the details, stays focused and does it cheerfully.

Class 4/5/6:  Josh Joubert has moved up to swimming with the Big Kids, and is doing a fabulous job of it. Always cheerful, always friendly, always working hard, Josh is a great asset to our team.

Masters: Rob Basso is our Masters Swimmer of the Month for January-February. One of our most consistent swimmers, Rob is kind of the backbone of our evening practices. He’s always among the first to welcome new Masters, to take the time to explain what’s going on when coach Cheryl talks too fast, to be encouraging and living proof that it really doesn’t matter how fast you swim, what matters is that you SWIM. Having said that, and knowing it will thoroughly embarrass Rob, his freestyle has improved to the point where he looks pretty darn powerful as he cuts through the water, smooth and relaxed.