Swimmer of the Month

Swimmers of the Month – December 2019

Class 1:  Tess Edwards attends virtually every practice, listens well and tries hard. Her strokes and her streamline are improving all the time. Tess is a great addition to our club.

Class 1.5:  Nena Pedersen had 100% attendance for December! She’s a tough swimmer, never gives up. Her flip turns and underwater dolphins are very good, and she has a strong kick. Nena comes to practice ready to work, and gives her best right up to the minute she has to jump out of the water and hurry to her next activity.

Class 2:  Isobelle Norman is an up and coming swimmer hurtling through the ranks! Relatively new to the club, Iso had a spectacular showing at the Terrace swim meet. Her strokes are improving daily, and she makes a great addition to our girls relay teams. A swimmer to watch.

Class 3: Lia Crump is having a fantastic season! She’s totally upped her swimming game, attending meets and being competitive, and the best times are piling up.  We have a smoking group of 11-12 year old girls to choose from for relays, of which Lia is one. She’s been training like a mad woman, and is in the process of moving up from Class 3 to Class 4. Another swimmer to watch.

Class 4:  Heidi Bellis is a very dedicated young swimmer, seldom missing a practice or a meet. She’s beginning to pick up the subtleties of training, able to maintain sustained maximum speed or to increase her speed incrementally 50 by 50. She consistently brings home the best times, and brought home a silver medal in Terrace.

5/6: Josh Joubert is beginning to swim like one of the big boys! His strokes keep getting better, his times keep dropping, and he keeps on bringing in the best times. Josh has always been a dedicated, conscientious swimmer, and it is paying off. Congratulations on your gold medal at the Terrace meet.

Masters:  Cindy Stephenson is a consistent member of the morning Masters, always in the water on time and seldom missing a practice (except when she goes gallivanting about the globe). Cindy is another Master who has been working on improving her strokes and her stamina, because a swimmer can always find a way to be more efficient and therefore faster no matter how many years they’ve been at it. Best of all, Cindy hosted our Masters Winter Social so that we all had a chance to visit and laugh together. And yes Cindy, you DO get a hat!