Swimmer of the Month


Swimmers of the Month – December 2020

Class 1:  Ethan Malthus is our Class 1 swimmer this month. He is consistently at practice, tries hard, and listens well. Ethan is working on his streamline, and on swimming in a straight line. This is a challenging year, but he’s making good progress.

Class 1.5:  Scarlett Quast has been making great progress since moving up to Class 1.5. She’s the youngest swimmer in this group, but she does a great job of staying focused and on task. Scarlett is working hard on her kick, her streamline, and on her flip turns. Her biggest challenge at this point is the breast stroke kick. Keep up the hard work, Scarlett!

Class 2:  Holland Clouthier is another Rapid with great attendance. She works hard, not just at doing the set but at doing it well. She’s very coachable, recognizing when she is and is not attaining the desired result, which is a big step in learning to be an athlete. Her freestyle has improved a great deal this year, becoming more rhythmic and flowing, and she has the beginnings of a really nice breaststroke.

Class 3: Gwen de la Nuez is in the process of transitioning from Class 3 to Class 4, which is a huge increase in expectations for performance. Practices are longer and more demanding. I admire her perseverance, the way she never gives up. Gwen’s best stroke is the breaststroke, and in this she shines, showing her potential to be a powerful swimmer.

Class 4:  Alli Daniele is swimming well this year. She’s beginning to train with more sophistication, working on pacing, technique and balance. She’s coachable; able to pinpoint inefficiencies and make changes. Alli is a solid lane mate, able to read the clock and keep everybody on track. (A solid 10 out of 10, would recommend.)

5/6:  Heidi Bellis has been with the club for several years, and this year has taken on the challenge of swimming with the “big kids”. She has talent and personality, and when she puts the effort in great things happen. Heidi is a reluctant leader, but very capable when she puts her mind to it. And when she starts to race, watch out!

Masters:  Erin Mutrie joined our club last spring shortly before we were shut down for the season. She returned to swim with us in September, and has been making great progress.  She puts in a lot of effort, and is willing to ask for help and explanations. Erin is an accomplished athlete in other sports, which can sometimes translate into being too hard on yourself. You forget how long it takes to truly master a new skill, and then to refine it, but Erin is very coachable and the improvement in her swimming technique is striking. I look forward to watching her progress when the Masters return to the pool…or perhaps when she agrees with me that it is warm enough to swim Outside.