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The Cost

Perhaps the second most important question for parents. What will this cost me? Below you will find a chart of  our fee current fee schedule and to the age group break down of the fees being charged by Swimming Canada and Swim Ontario, our governing bodies. These forms will be updated during the summer to reflect date changes and any fee adjustments that are required for the new year. Please use these documents as a guide.

While we may as a small club have some flexibility in developing programs tailored to your families needs please bear in mind that Swim Canada's fee structure is not.

Swimming as a member of the Quinte Dolphins requires the payment of registration fees plus a commitment to fundraising.  Fundraising activities are necessary because Quinte Dolphin Registration fees cover only a portion of the costs associated with running the club – the balance of the funds must be made up through fundraising.    Major costs for the Dolphins  include, but are not limited to  pool rental, coaching fees and  equipment costs. This table outlines the Club's fees and fundraising obligations


Roster Group Practices Hours



Swim On/Cnd


Comp 1 3-6 4-9.25 $750.00 + $141.40 - $181.40 $ 1200.00
Comp 2 3-5 3-5.25 $562.50 + $121.40 - $161.40 $   900.00
Swim Fit 1-2 1-2 $125.00 - $187.50 $52.55 1 Dance/Session
Jr. Dolphins 2 1 $100.00 $52.55 1 Dance/Session


Swimming Canada/Swim Ontario Fees

Type Category Age (at Dec 31) SNC Fees Swim ON Fees HST Total Fee
Non- Competitive Non-Competitive   $13.00 $35.00 $4.55


Competitive Fundamentals 8 & Under $31.00 $80.00 $10.40


Competitive Skills 9 & 10 $51.00 $80.00 $10.40


Competitive  Development 11-14 $71.00


$10.40 $161.40
Competitive Open 15 & Over $91.00 $80.00




Fees for competitive swimmers are based on a full season beginning September 16th, 2019 and ending June 19th 2020. There is a Christmas break from December 22nd  2019 to January 6th. and 1 week break in March coinciding with the Schools March break. This year the tentative dates are March 15th to the 22nd  Registration and Affiliation fees are per swimmer. Fundraising obligations are per family except as noted below.

Competitive 1 swimmers swim a minimum of 3 practices and 4 hours per week. These swimmers may add up to 3 additional practices and 5.25 hours of pool time per week. Each additional hour adds $187.50 to the Club fees.

Competitive 2 swimmers swim a minimum of 3 practices and 3 hours per week. These swimmers may add an additional 2 practices, and 2.75 hours of pool time per week; again each additional hour also adds $187.50 to the Club fees.

Jr. Dolphins and Swim Fit programs are run as 3  separate 10 week sessions. The first session starts October 21st, the second session begins January 6th and the third session will begin  the week of March 30th.

Jr. Dolphins swim twice a week. Each practice is 30 minutes.

Swim Fit may choose to swim either one or two one hour practices each week. 

The Quinte Dolphins Swim Club will make every effort to provide all of the practices indicated in our schedule, however from time to time practices may have to be canceled for a variety of reasons. (including, but not limited to weather, facility issues and swim meets) Fees have already be structured in such a way as to recognize that these events will happen.  Swimmers who miss practices for personal reasons may make up these practices in the week the practice was missed, if the schedule allows,but they may not be made up at a later date. Practices canceled by the club, for any reason may be made up at any time if the schedule allows. Refunds will not be issued for practices missed and not made up for any reason.*

The choice of program lies with the swimmer and their parents, however the coaching staff will determine if the swimmer stays in a given program. If a swimmer in a  competitive program is not participating at an acceptable level they will be warned by the coach on deck, if the performance does not improve they will be warned again. If there is still no improvement in the swimmers behaviour the swimmer will be asked to leave the pool deck and the parents will be called to pick them up. After the third such event the swimmer  will no longer be allowed to practice with the competitive program but may choose to swim  with a Non-competitive program. In this situation our refund policy will take place as if the swimmer had withdrawn voluntarily. If they choose to swim in the Non-competitive program the fees will be prorated for the time left in the session and the session fundraising requirements will be prorated for the number of weeks left in the session. 

Our Spring Raffle is a mandatory fundraiser for our competitive swimmers and is optional for our Swim Fit and Jr. Dolphins. Each family is asked to sell tickets and is required to provide 1 hour of their time to sell tickets at a time and place determined by the Club.  Families may opt out of this event by paying $50.00. Tickets sold during  the volunteer hours will be pooled by the club and divided equally among all families participating and applied against each families fundraising obligation. The requirement to volunteer 1 hour of time is waived if the family raises $100.00 or more in individual ticket sales.

All competitive families are required to chaperone a minimum of 7 of our youth dances. Each dance earns a family a credit of $100.00 towards their fundraising commitment. Families with swimmers in the Swim Fit or Jr. Dolphins program are required to chaperone a minimum of 1 dance per session,  but are always welcome, and would be welcomed, to do more. 

Payment Options: All fees associated with registering as a competitive swimmer become due at the time of registration. The Swim Ontario / Swim Canada is payable at registration. The balance of the club fees may be paid in installments, the first of which is due at registration the remaining 6 installments may be made monthly, or as agreed to by “The Club”, the last installment must be made prior to March 15th.

All fees associated with registering as a non-competitive swimmer, (Jr. Dolphins & Swim Fit) are due at the time of registration. The Swim Ontario / Swim Canada fee is paid once and covers the swimmer for the swim year, September 1 – August 31. A swimmer who registers for a second session is only responsible for the Club fees and fundraising associated with that session.