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Season PB Points

Personal Best times allow you to track your own personal improvement from meet to meet and over the course of the season. At the end of the year medals are awarded to those swimmers that have met certain levels of improvement. 

Bronze Medals are awarded to swimmers who's PB total is between 50 seconds and 100 seconds. A silver medal is awarded to swimmers who's total time improvement falls in the range of 100.01 seconds to 150 seconds. A gold medal is awarded to each swimmer who's overall time improves by 150.01 seconds or more.

Participation medals are awarded to all swimmers that participate at practice or at meets during the year but do not reach the 50 second improvement standard.

A quick reminder that a PB point, or part of a point is awarded for the time improvement for achieved by each swimmer in any sanctioned event, and are tracked separately for both long course meets and short course meets.

Congratulations to McKinley Miller, our 2018-2019 PB point winner.

Personal Best Point Summary
Name SC PB's LC PB's Total PB Points
Darcy, B      
Mirabella, B      
Jonah, B      
Olivia, D      
Brooke, G      
Ellie, K      
Abby, L      
McKinley, M      
Matthew, P      
Ceila, R