Thank You To Our Partners

It is the philosophy of the Executive, the Coaching Staff, and the Parents of the Quinte Dolphins Swim Club that, through swimming, our children will have the opportunity to have fun, while developing physical, emotional and social skills. As they learn the value of competition and teamwork, they will become confident individuals and athletes in an environment that stresses commitment and consistency.

It is the goal of the Quinte Dolphins Swim Club to provide each swimmer with a program that supports their individual growth and development in an atmosphere that remains fun and emphasizes participation. The Dolphins recognize the value of each individual, and that not all swimmers will attain, nor seek to attain, the same level of proficiency. To that end we have tried to develop programs that provide an opportunity for each swimmer to achieve their own level of excellence.

Below is a general overview of each of our programs.


JR. Dolphins:

Structured on a series of three, 10 week sessions with the two 30 minute practices each week. This is a non-competitive program that looks to introduce young swimmers, ages 6-11, to the sport of competitive swimming. The focus will be on stroke improvement and learning the basics of competition starts and turns; while always working to improve the overall fitness level of each athlete.  As the swimmers improve they will have the opportunity, and will be encouraged, to move into our competitive program, ultimately however the decision is the child's and their parents.  A full schedule can be found by linking here.



Looking for something new to help keep up your fitness, or a new way to cross train that will give you that edge up on your competition, then our SwimFit program might be just what you're looking for. Structured as a non-competitive swim program and designed around three consecutive 10 week sessions. This program is aimed at swimmers 11 -18 and will focus on teaching proper stroke technique and developing aerobic endurance. There will be two, one hour practices a week.  Swimmers will have the flexibility to choose the number of practices they wish to attend each week, as well as the days of the week they wish to attend.  We offer greater flexibility by allowing swimmers to swim different days each week when necessary. A full schedule can be found by linking here

Competitive 2 Dolphins

Our entry level competitive program, (Comp 2) is designed for swimmers 12 and under.  Swimmers will have three, 1 hour practices per week with the option to add  up to 2 additional practices  As with Competitive 1 (Comp 1) program, this group will begin practices in September and will swim through until June. Our goal is to develop the swimmer's technical skills and endurance Swimmers under the age of 11 may move into our Comp 1 program if their skill, strength and stamina warrant the move. A full schedule can be found by linking here.


Competitive 1 Dolphins


This program is designed as a natural progression  for those swimmers, generally aged 12 and over; from our Comp 2 program, although younger swimmers may earn the right to swim in this group if their ability and commitment justify the move. At this level practices will be geared to developing the technical ability of the swimmer and improving their times in order to reach Regional, Provincial and National time standards. There is a minimum commitment of 3 practices a week totaling a  minium of 4  hours, while a maximum commitment would be 5 days a week for 9.25 hours. The opportunity for 2 separate 30 minute dry land training practices is available to this group. A full practice schedule can be found by linking here.


As a small club we try to be flexible to the needs of our swimmers and their families. Practice schedules are designed to support the development of the athlete, and, with only a few exceptions, the placement of the athlete is a collaboration between the athlete, the parents and the coaching staff.