Thank You To Our Partners


As part of the registration process all swimmers will be given one Quinte Dolphins Swim Cap. Practice suits are at the discretion of the swimmer, Dolphins Team Suits are available and are encouraged, these suits are polyester and will last. Competitive swimmers are asked to wear a team suit, or black suit for preliminary sessions at meets. Senior swimmers may wear specialized racing suits, but are encouraged to stay with team colours.

All returning competitive swimmers are strongly encouraged to purchase their own kick board, fins, pull bouy, hand paddles and snorkel. The club has a supply of some of these and they may be rented for a nominal fee.

In order to minimize the shipping costs The Club places equipment orders every other month starting at the end of September. Information about the dates of the orders will be posted both on our News and Events tabs. Should you require equipment before a normal order date you can order directly with Team Aquatic Supplies.   In order to place your order you can link directly to the Team Aquatic's Online store here.  You may use this link, and the coupong code "PEFAC" to order products for family and friends and by doing so you will receive a 20% discount of the retail price of most items and in addition the club will be given a 5% credit to be used towards future purchases. Feel free to share this link with family and friends and allow them to benefit from this discount while at the same time supporting our club.


Team Wear is an important part of developing Team Spirit, it is encouraged but not mandatory. We are working diligently with our suppliers to develop  a full line of clothing and accessories for our club.