What Do Swimmers Need?

To start with your swimmer will need:

  • A swimsuit (as they get more competitive the will most likely need suits for practice and additional suits for swim meets)
  • a pair of goggles (The swim store in the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre provides assistance in finding the right pair of goggles that will fit your swimmer's face-as they get more competitive it is always a good idea to have a back up pair of goggles)
  • a swim bag to carry all their stuff in

As your swimmer gets more involved in the sport...

Flippers, a pull/kick and paddles


To purchase Swim Gear for your swimmer you can either visit the swim store at the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre or purchase directly from Team Aquatics Website. Click on their logo above to access their website.  Remember to show your shark card in store for a 20% discount.

Our preferred equipment supplier is: