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Ravensong Breakers Policy Manual-

To view the policy manual and/or the parent presentation, please click on the links below.

2017-2018 RAC Policy Manual

2017 Parent Presentation

Parent Code of Conduct


Swimmers Code of Conduct


Payment Policies

We are a small club that operates on a tight budget; therefore, we appreciate swimmers accounts being kept up to date.

However, if a swimmer's invoice is more than 30 days outstanding, you will be unable to register for swim meets and may be pulled from practice until the amount owing is paid. 

Credit Cards will be processed on the 1st day of each month, $30 late fees will be added to accounts not cleared up by the 21st of the month in the event that the card on file can not process your fees.

If special arrangements need to be made, please do not hesitate to contact Greg Rogers at and Greg will bring it to the attention of the Board for approval.



Information For Swimmers Click on the file below to open the document


What to Bring to a Swim Meet

Swim Meet Packing List:

  • competition suits for finals for the higher level swimmers 

  • Two caps-in case one rips

  • Two pairs of goggles-good to have a back up pair that is fitted properly in case the regular pair of googles break

  • Swim suit for warm-up

  • a couple towels per day-if using the discovery towels you really only need one per day

  • Healthy Snacks- click on the info above for more info about eating for swimming, also check out some of the recipes under the recipe tab

  • Water bottle

Also Consider Bringing:

  • Money: (Parents) Meet programs usually cost a couple of bucks (can range from $2-$20 for the higher end 3 day meets)

  • Highlighter to highlight your swimmer in the meet program to make it easier to find

  • Pen to write down your swimmer's times and to cross of completed heats

  • Sharpie to write the events down on the younger swimmers arms

  • Lunch: Pack your own sandwich, fresh fruit, nuts, energy bars, and water.

  • A chair or bleacher cushion/seat (for the parents) -Nanaimo, Duncan, Comox and Victoria have bleacher seating but it can be hard on the bottom sitting on it all day so a cushion of some sort works well

  • Entertainment (for the swimmer): Be prepared to sit around for a couple of hours. Staying awake and alert will help you swim faster, so bring whatever keeps you happily entertained: a friend or two, a deck of cards, something to read, pens and paper for coloring, your iPod-just make sure it is in a secure spot when you go to swim

  • A relaxed, positive attitude: This least tangible item is probably the most important thing you can bring to a meet!

Other things to note, the Ravensong parents try to sit together.  This is a great way to get to know each other as swim meets usually last all day.  If you are one of the first parents to arrive, try to save space around you for the other parents.  Some people put out blankets/towel/jackets to save space.

Many swim meet results maybe posted on meet mobile so if you have a smart phone, down load the meet mobile app. For more info on swimming apps, check out the bottom of the swim meet schedule page.

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