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2017 - 2018 Welcome letter


Dear swimmers and parents,

Welcome to the 2017 - 2018 season.

I would like to congratulate all returning swimmers and parents from the previous season for their courage to train smart and hard, for being a true team mate and for recording memorable performances which will remain in the club's history. RHAC would not have been as successful competitive club without your efforts you put in daily.
Well done everyone involved!

I also like to welcome the new swimmers and parents. You have joined one big family. We encourage you to get involved, meet others and enjoy the experience that a swim team has to offer. At times things can seem confusing and different from what you might have expected. Take your time to learn, ask questions, speak to coaches, other swimmers, parents and board of directors. Everyone in the club, who has been around for a while, is here and willing to help.

What is old and expected? As always RHAC will provide - great coaching, board of directors who are committed to make great effort to connect coaches with swimmers and parents. Also, this will be a season that will be full of exciting swimming, full of experiences and opportunities.

What is new? RHAC repainted and cleaned up the dry land space. We purchased new equipment to meet the needs of our constantly developing athletes. We ask kindly everyone to protect and respect the new equipment. Wear indoor shoes to keep it clean and available for everyone to use throughout the season.

We are in our first week of training. The training will start ramping up fast in the next few weeks. Everyone will have the opportunity to swim fast, learn new skills, participate in club's activities, make the team bigger, stronger and faster. Whether you are a new or returning swimmer, a parent or a swimmer, take your time to follow the process, value the process and protect the process of striving and working towards excellence in swimming.

Best of luck in the new season.

RHAC Coaching Staff