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National Group

Athletes move into this group from either the Provincial Group or from other programs which capacitate the competitive swimmers to successfully complete the National Group moving criteria.

Practice is offered eight times per week on average.

Additional practices may be added to some swimmers at coach’s discretion.

Attendance is calculated on 8 workouts weekly. Additional practices don’t count towards attendance requirements.

RHAC’s National Group program is designed with the intention of providing the curriculum and atmosphere necessary for success at all levels of provincial and national competition.

A National group swimmer is a positive, hardworking individual who is a team player.




Master Schedule 2016 - 2017
National Group Objectives

The National group is the second highest performing group in RHAC. Its primary purpose is to develop athletes to race and win beyond age group meets. The National group works towards making Senior National Qualifiers.  

Coaching staff spends additional time to develop athletes technically, mentally and physically through advanced training methods.

Athletes in the National group are expected to perform to the highest standards. They are expected to work towards their short and long term goals on a daily basis, and be role models for the remainder of the club. National athletes must have the desire to improve and strive for the highest level of competition.

Requirements to enter National Group

93% attendance or higher.

Coach retains discretion of accepting absences, which do not count against the attendance figure.

- Swimmers who have less than 93% attendance will move to the Provincial Group.

Actions, expectations and attitudes of the athlete match the goals of the National group.

Attend all competitions recommended by National coach unless coach agrees to absence.

Athletes must compete in and wear RHAC attire during all practices and competitions.

Athletes must conduct themselves with honor and selflessness at all competitions regardless of circumstances.

Limited interference from high school competitions are acceptable. No interference from high school practices will be accepted.

No High School meets shall interfere, in any way, with a swimming meet that is on the RHAC schedule.

Athletes must be active in club events and clinics offered for younger club members.

Athletes must conform to lifestyles appropriate for achieving greatest personal success. This includes nutrition.

Parental involvement in swimming decisions while in the National group is minimal. Once swimmers achieve competency, the swimming relationship must be limited to coach/athlete for them to progress to their greatest capabilities while maintaining a certain level of sanity. Overbearing parents are a burden to the coach and the athlete.

Athletes must be able to train at or above a level appropriate for current experience and speed.

Willingness to perform every event (every distance) proscribed by National Group coach is expected from the athletes.

Only athletes who have achieved AT LEAST a AGE Nationals standard may train in this group. National group coach retain the right to appoint athletes who have no AGE National standard however demonstrates strong desire and very close to the standard.

Boys must be 15 and older.

Girls must be 15 and older.

 National Group swimmers are expected to do everything within their power to reach their own personal potential.

 Ultimately, National coach has final say in group appointments.