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Youth Group

11 yrs and under athletes move into this group from Select Group.  

• Practice is offered 6 times a week. Swimmers are strongly encouraged to attend all practices as skills and progressions are built in from one practice session to another.

Youth Group swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of 85% attendance to remain in the Youth Group. Coach retains discretion of accepting absences, which do not count against the attendance figure.




Master Schedule 2016 - 2017              
Youth Group Objectives

The Youth group offers a highly competitive program for swimmers under the age of 14. Athletes are exposed to a program that will directly prepare them for the challenges in the Provincial, National and Senior group. This occurs through a high volume of swimming, difficult practices, high expectation at meets, and discipline. Many Youth swimmers qualify for Age Group Provincial and National time standards. Similar to the Provincial Development group, but at a younger age, swimmers learn the importance of practice and self-discipline. They are taught to appreciate competition, and see merit in high performance athletics.

Coaches work on all aspects of athletics with Youth swimmers, and develop stroke technique, mental and physical strength, behaviour, and attitude.  

Athletes are expected to attend all practices, regardless of age, and participate actively in the program offered to them so that they can improve. Athletes that have the immediate desire to swim competitively and follow all the instructions of the coaches, as well as complete all the prerequisites may move up into the Senior or National group to further their swimming career. Athletes that have not developed as far under the competitive model but still wish to one day swim to their full potential in the Senior group, and understand the Provincial and National Mission Statements, may move up to the Provincial Development Group.