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Select Group

Select Group consists of athletes 11 and under. The program is focused on preparing swimmers enter Youth Group or/and Provincial Development group. This group will meet the needs of athletes coming from other club programs as well as athletes coming from Novice Group.

• Practice is offered 5 times a week. Swimmers are strongly encouraged to attend all practices as skills and progressions are built in from one practice session to another.

• Select Group swimmers are expected to maintain a minimum of 85% attendance to remain in the Group. Coach retains discretion of accepting absences, which do not count against the attendance figure.




Master Schedule 2016 - 2017            
Select Group Objectives

The Select group is a continuation to the introductory competitive program. Athletes learn the basics of stroke technique and are made familiar with racing.

Coaches spend time having fun with swimmers while developing important skills needed for the future of the sport.

Athletes are expected to want to swim. They are expected to attend morning practices in addition to afternoon ones to prepare for the workload in later groups.


How to Stay Organized at Swim Meets

By: Ismail Abdelmalek

At a swim meet you need to be both mentally and physically organized, and part of being organized also means that you are ready. 

To be mentally organized means that you are mentally you are ready for the race, you are only thinking about the race and not something else, you also need to have all your outlines ready, what you are going to do.

To be physically organized means that physically you are ready, which means that 1 week from the meet you start working harder and harder. It also means that physically you are well, you didn't hurt. And then you need to have all your equipment with you and that you take care of you stuff.