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Novice Group

• Athletes 9 yrs and under move into this group from Sharks, Super Sharks and other programs.

• Workouts are offered 3 days a week.

• Athletes may be invited by their coach to swim occasionally with the Select Group.

• Practice duration is 90 minutes.

• Attendance requirement: must attend 66% of practices (2/3 practices per week).




Master Schedule 2016 - 2017
Novice Group Objectives              


The Novice group is the first and most basic level of competitive swimming that RHAC offers. Athletes are taught how to commit to practices long term, and at shown the very beginnings of swimming and racing.

Coaches treat Novice swimmers as the earliest athletes on the LTAD. Many aspects of the Novice group involve learning to swim effectively. Other skills such as learning to use a pace clock are also taught.

Coaching staff focuses on early child development models in sport with Novice. They teach and coach so that athletes develop appropriately within the group.

Athletes are expected to be excited for practice and listen attentively to the coach.