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ROCS' Pre-Competitive programs
These swimmers will perform only in-house non-official "fun meets". They do have the option to participate in one sanctioned competition.

Swim School - Advanced

This is the only Swim School program that is offered by ROCS this season.

Pre-requisite: The swimmer must be comfortable swimming front crawl with breathing skills (ie. face in the water) that allow the swimmer to swim continuously for 25 meters.

Recommended ages: 6-8 years (ages are guidelines)

The aim of these classes is to learn through games and themed activities that keep the skill development activities FUN for the swimmers as they work on acquiring their fundamental skills and improving the demonstration of these skills over increased distances.

This is a small-group class that allows our coaches to focus on the needs of each swimmer as they introduce the skills required to learn the fundamental skills for developing each stroke. The coach to swimmer ratio is a maximum of 1 to 6, but often less with the addition of assistant coaches.

NEW for the 2017-18 season, this class is offered twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday for 30 minutes from 6:00-6:30 pm. of very active water instruction and “Games with Goals”.

Introduction to Academy Red

This is our pre-competitive program that prepares swimmers to move into the competitive stream.

Pre-requisite:  The swimmer must be able to demonstrate 3 of the 4 competitive strokes. Efficient bilateral breathing in the front crawl and dolphin kick are essential skills. Also swimmers must be interested in trying competition. Eg. Participating in a time trial or swimming meet which would be appropriate for their abilities.

Introduction to Academy Red swimmers focus on the development of all four competitive strokes and basic competitive skills such as turns and starts. 

 This group practices for two 1.25 hour sessions. Swimmers have their class on Tuesday and Thursday for 60 minutes from 6:30-7:30 pm., with a 15 minute dry land activation prior to swimming. The coach to swimmer ratio is a maximum of 1 to 8, but often less with the addition of assistant coaches.