Kids Triathlon Program

The ROCs Triathlon program had a great Spring/Summer season and we are all set for a great Fall program.  The KIDS program is geared to athletes aged 9-13 with sessions held 2x/wk in the east end of Ottawa. For more older or more experienced athletes and those who are interested in more training sessions, the YOUTH program, that is more centrally located for the swims would be the program of choice .  You can contact the club to see if the Youth program (up to 4x/wk) is a better fit or if you have more questions.

Participant description for the KIDS triathlon program:

  • Between 9-13 years old

  • Can swim at least 100m continuous.  Achieved swim level 8 or higher. Swim test required, please contact the coach to schedule this.

  • no more than 12 athletes will be accepted



  • includes HST, Training, facility and coaching fees

  • includes one mandatory bike fit and tune-up before the program starts by Velo-fix to verify road is safe and in good working order (valued at $79)

Registration is a two step process

  1. Register for Triathlon Ontario, and please choose ROC Swimming Club as your club choice:

  2. Register for the KT Program at:


Training Schedule


Session:    Swim - bring goggles, cap, fins if you have them

Location:    Ruddy YMCA Orleans

Time:         17h30-18h30

Dates:        Mon 03 Oct 2018 is first session, last session Mon 24 Mar 2019

Wednesdays (12 Sep - 31 Oct)

Session:    Run/Orienteering (information will be sent in advance to help with planning)

Location:      Hornet’s nest (Blackburn Drive)

Time:           18h00-19h00 (time may change to 17h30 as daylight diminishes)

Dates:          Wed 12 Sep is first session, last outdoor session Wed 31 Oct 2018

Wednesdays (7 Nov - 27 Mar)

Session:    Indoor Circuit including indoor bike & mat work

Location:    Ruddy YMCA Orleans

Time:          17h30-18h30

Dates:         Wed 7 Nov 2018 is first session, last session Mon 24 Mar 2019