Children who learn to love sport and to live active lives through participation in sport will develop healthy bodies and healthy lifestyles.

Every athlete should have the opportunity to strive for and achieve as much success as she or he chooses in an environment that promotes self-esteem and develops self-confidence.

The sport of speed swimming offers an opportunity for male and female athletes to train and compete together. There is minimal risk of injury if training schedules are reasonable and conducted under the guidance of trained and caring coaches.

How is this philosophy accomplished?

Group Placement: Swimmers are placed in one of the four swim groups based on the swimmer's leadership skills, maturity, physical development, needs and swimming ability. A swimmer will only change groups after the coach, parents and athlete have discussed the pros and cons of changing.

Approximate practice hours are:

  • Non Competitive 3-4 hours/ week
  • White Group 3 hours/week
  • Juniors (White +) 5 to 7 hrs/week
  • Intermediate (Blue) 7 to 9 hrs/week
  • Senior (Blue + and Red) 12+ hrs/week


Because every athlete grows at a different rate, matures differently, swims a different speed and is completely unique, it is important for training to reflect these differences. The coaching staff will strive to see that each athlete's training is as individualized as possible within a large group.

Training Guidelines:

The coaching staff require all swimmers to bring a filled water bottle to every practice. Swimmers are not allowed to train without a water bottle.

It is good to be a few minutes early for practice. If the coaches see a pattern of lateness developing, they will follow-up with the parents in order to find a positive solution.

Swimmers are always encouraged to complete all drills. However, if a swimmer is not feeling well or is experiencing "hurt pain", then he/she should sit out until she/he is feeling better.

Availability of Coaches:

All the coaches can be reached by telephone. As well, if you would like to meet with a coach, each is available. It is recommended you phone the coach first to set up the meeting. Each of the coaches is also around the pool prior to and after practice. The only time a coach is not available to discuss items is while the practice is running.