Code of Conduct

Member Code of Conduct

Type: Membership

Policy Number: A-1

Name: Member Code of Conduct

Date Approved: January, 2010

Authority: Board of Directors 

Date Revised: January, 2013

Reference: SSI Bylaws Art. 5 , Sect. 3

The behavior of all competitors, parents, coaches, volunteers, officials and spectators at Regina Ys Mens Marlins Swim Club (RYMM) events will conform to the following Code of Conduct. Breaches in this Code will result in the penalties expressed in this policy.

The Rulebook of Swimming/Natation Canada will govern the conduct of all swim competitions sanctioned by Swim Saskatchewan Inc.

  1. RYMM will not tolerate the use of violence, abusive or profane language or behaviour at any time. In particular, during swim competitions SNC Rule CSW and will be enforced.

  2. RYMM expressly forbids the use of performance enhancing drugs by athletes, as defined by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports. Performance enhancing drugs include all anabolic steroids, and may include erythropoietin and any sympathomimetic or stimulant medications (including bronchodilators and decongestants), except where medically required for the treatment of illness.

  3. RYMM expressly forbids the consumption of alcohol by participating swimmers, coaches, volunteers, officials or staff during the hours of competition at any swim meet. RYMM expressly forbids the consumption of alcohol by persons under the legal drinking age at any time during any RYMM sponsored event.

  4. RYMM expressly forbids gambling, of any kind, by swimmers during any RYMM sponsored event.

  5. RYMM expressly forbids the use of any illicit substances by participating swimmers, coaches, volunteers, officials or staff, including any hallucinogenic substances or any drugs used for purposes other than their normal therapeutic effects, at any swim competition or RYMM sponsored events. Smoking is forbidden at the pool, at competitions, in RYMM sponsored vehicles, or at RYMM sponsored events.

  6. Participating swimmers are to adhere to curfew times at all times. Any violations may result in disciplinary action.

  7. There is to be no physical contact between swimmers of the opposite sex (excluding “high 5s”, handshakes).

  8. RYMM expressly forbids the willful damage, defacement or destruction of any person’s personal property or of any facility or property.

  9. All swimmers must sign the code of conduct.

RYMM may ask Swim Sask Inc. to assist clubs to investigate or adjudicate breaches of their internal Codes of Conduct, in situation where clubs lack sufficient expertise or resources to conduct a fair and impartial investigation and adjudication.

RYMM will promote a safe environment for training and competition for all swimmers. RYMM will ensure that Safety Marshalls are on deck during the warm-up period and that the warm-up procedures of the Rulebook of Swimming/Natation Canada are strictly enforced at all swim meets. (Note: see Rule and Appendix F in the October 2005 edition of the Rulebook.)

RYMM will ensure that all other rules of competition that relate to safety are strictly enforced, in particular, SW 10.6.

RYMM expects that all swimmers, coaches, spectators and volunteers will observe the posted safety rules of any facility, and will obey the instructions of lifeguards and designated pool staff in respect to public health and safety regulations.


Any breach of items 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 above will result in the immediate expulsion of the person or persons from the RYMM sponsored competition or event. The President of RYMM will have the authority to suspend summarily for objectionable violations of those items. Any member summarily suspended will have the right of a full hearing before the Discipline Committee within not less than 7 and not more than 14 days of the suspension.

Any breach of this Code of Conduct will be referred to the Discipline Committee of RYMM for investigation and adjudication. Objectionable breaches of the Code of Conduct may constitute cause for suspension or expulsion of any member. In accordance with the Bylaws, Article 5, Section 3.7, the Board of RYMM has the authority to suspend or expel members for cause. The Board of Directors of RYMM will have the discretion to refer matters that cannot be resolved by its Discipline Policy to the Dispute Resolution process provided by Sask Sport. In accordance with the Dispute Resolution Policy of Sask Sport, RYMM will report to Swim Sask Inc. any expulsion of a member or any suspension of a member for a period of greater than one year.