Parent Code of Conduct

Type: Membership

Policy Number: A-2

Name: Parent Code of Conduct

Date Approved: May, 2010

Authority: Board of Directors 

Date Revised: January, 2012

Reference: SSI Bylaws Art. 5, Sect. 3

The behavior of all RYMM parents during swimmer practices, or at swim meets will conform to the following Code of Conduct. Breaches in this Code will result in the penalties expressed in this policy.

The Rulebook of Swimming/Natation Canada will govern the conduct of all swim competitions sanctioned by SSI.

  1. RYMM will not tolerate the use of violence, abusive or profane language or behaviour at any time.

  2. During swim competitions SNC Rule CSW and will be enforced.

  3. RYMM parents will display sportsmanship, dignity and maintain control at all times. Parents will not ridicule or yell in a derogatory fashion at any swimmer, at meet officials, coaches or any parent.

  4. Coaches will coach the swimmers. Parents are spectators, and are not to coach or yell instructions to the team or any swimmer from the stands or any other area at practices or at swim meets. Cheering of all swimmers is encouraged.

  5. Parents will be able to discuss their swimmer with the coach, but will not interfere during practices or competitions. They will make arrangements to speak with the coach.

  6. During competitions, any questions or comments regarding decisions made by meet officials are to be directed to a member of our coaching staff. Parents will abide by the decisions of the coaching staff and will address swim meet officials through the coaching staff only.

  7. If parents have concerns or questions regarding a parent or coach, they will pursue them through the club President or Vice President so that they can be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

  8. RYMM expressly forbids the consumption of alcohol by participating, parents/chaperones during the hours of competition at any swim meet.

  9. RYMM expressly forbids the use of any illicit substances, including any hallucinogenic substances or any drugs used for purposes other than their normal therapeutic effects, at any swim competition or RYMM sponsored events.

  10. RYMM expressly forbids the willful damage, defacement or destruction by any person of personal property or of any facility or property.

  11. Parents may not recruit or solicit RYMM families in order to further their own interests using the RYMM email distribution list.

  12. Parents need to be aware that displaying physical contact may be deemed inappropriate.


Any breach of any of the items above will result in the following:

On a first offense, the parent will be given a warning by the President of RYMM.

On the second offense the parent will be informed, by the President of RYMM, that their swimmer is no longer a member of the club.