Competitive Fees

Marlins Competitive Fees 2019-20

New Season!

YMCA Membership - The Regina Y's Men's Marlins (RYMM) Swim Club has a partnership with the Regina YMCA.  All RYMM swimmers must be members of the Regina YMCA.  In return, the club receives a discount on pool time and other benefits that help us keep our fees low. The membership fees are set by the YMCA vary with age and can be paid annually or monthly.  Visit the YMCA website or the front desk at the YMCA to learn more about YMCA fees and membership benefits.  These fees are paid directly to the YMCA.   If the YMCA membership creates a financial burden for your family, you may be eligible to access sponsorship from the YMCA.   Contact the YMCA for more information.

Swim Natation Canada (SNC) Registration Fees - Swimming/Natation Canada (SNC) is the governing body for the sport of speed swimming in Canada.  SwimSask is the provincial section of SNC responsible for swimming in Saskatchewan.  All swimmers must be registered with SwimSask so they are covered by liability insurance.  This fee must be paid before participating in any activity with the club.  The fees are collected by RYMM and submitted to SwimSask:

SwimSask Fees 2019 - 2020

Swim Sask Fees are determined by Swim Sask

4-6 year olds

7 to 10 year olds 11 and over
$25 $80




Registration Fee2

           Monthly            Fees3

Monthly Fees

(second/out of town swimmer)4

Annual Fundraising



RYMM Competitive Fees 2019-20

RYMM Fees - made up of 3 components:

  • Annual Registration Fee 
  • Monthly Swimming Fees
  • Fundraising Fees (a percentage of this fee will be applied to your account monthly)



$100 $525 $420 $680
Red $100 $331 $265 $598
Blue $100 $242 $194 $516
White $100 $168 $134 $278
Post-Secondary    $220 $176



1 - See the Groups tab for a description of our Competitive Groups.

2 - Annual Registration Fee - This fee is payable upon registration and is non-refundable.  It covers items, such as administrative costs, a club swim cap and T-shirt for every swimmer, social activities and other small costs throughout the year.   Swimmers who start swimming after December 31, 2019 will pay 1/2 of the registration fee.

3 - Monthly Fees - These are your swimming fees and go towards coaching and pool time.  Monthly fees are paid on the first day of each month for the previous month (e.g. September fees are paid on October 1).  Fees may be pro-rated if a swimmer is unable to swim for an extended period of time due to illness or injury.  Please contact the Club Administrator to make arrangements.  If you are moving or need to withdraw your child from the club for any reason, RYMM requires one month's written notice (30 days). The monthly fee obligation will terminate at the end of the month in which a swimmer withdraws from the club.

4 - Second and Out of Town Swimmers: There is a discount offered for additional swimmers from the same family. The swimmer with the highest monthly fee obligation pays the full fee and the discount is applied to the other swimmers in the family.  For swimmers in our RED, BLUE and Senior groups who travel more than 100 km to Regina for swim practice, the discount is applied to their regular fees.

5 - Annual Fundraising Fee: The annual fundraising fee helps off-set  the expenses of operating a club.  This fee is no longer charged as one lump sum, but will be divided evenly and added to your account monthly.  Each Bingo session worked provides a $70 credit to your account.  The fundraising fee must be reduced to $0 by August 31 of 2020.

Note: RYMM will not register swimmers in swim meets if the family has not complied with its fee obligations.

Swim Meet Charges

Entry Fees:  Competitive swimmers are charged meet entry fees (usually about $7 - $10 per event) for each event (race) the swimmer is entered into.  The entry fees are billed on a monthly basis to the swimmer's account.  RYMM confirms participation in meets with the family in advance of the entry deadline. Once entry fees have been submitted, there is no refund of fees for confirmed swimmers unless the host club agrees to refund the fee. (Parents are responsible for contacting the host club to request a refund.)  RYMM pays relay entry fees.

Meet Surcharges: A surcharge of $15 is applied to a one-day swim meet, $35 to a two-day in-province swim meet, and $75 to an out-of-province swim meet.  There may be a van use surcharge of $10. The meet surcharge(s) are non-refundable.  Meet surcharges are used in part to cover coaching expenses.

High Performance Meets:  RYMM subsidizes the attendance of swimmers at high performance meets; however the extent of the subsidy is dependent on the financial resources of the club.

Subsidy:  If you need support for your fees, you may be able to access support through Kidsport at