Competitive Groups

Regina Y's Men's Marlins (RYMM) Swim Club Competitive Groups


White is our first competitive group. Swimmers moving up from our Mini Marlins program enter the White group and range in age from 7 - 12. This group practices 3 days per week for a total of 4 hours each week. Our White Group sets goals, continues with stroke improvement and is introduced to competition with in-town meets and a few out of town meets throughout the year.


Blue is a competitive group with swimmers swimming up to 5 and 1/2 hours per week. The swimmers range in age from 9-12. We focus on improving technique and work toward introducing racing strategies and more speed and pace work.


Red is a competitive swim group, with swimmers training up to 8 hours per week. The Red group ranges in age from 11- 14. Most of the swimmers in the Red group will attend more out-of-town meets, as well as in-town meets throughout the year. The Red group does goal setting for stroke correction and competition time achievements.


The senior group is our highest competitive group. Swimmers in this group train approximately 13.5 hours per week. The senior group ranges in age from 14-21. The swimmers in this group attend practice and meets regularly. They compete at a minimum of the provincial AA level for the 13-14 age groups.