Meet Info

Swim Meets


Competitions happen every Saturday, except for the long weekends, beginning on the first weekend in June and ending with Provincials towards the end of August. It is important that each family communicate their intentions of participating or not participating in the meets via the meet sign-up sheet, which is located in the communication box. You must circle either a yes or no for each meet. The earlier that this can be done, the earlier the club can register for the meets. Cut off dates for each meet are indicated on the top of each sign up sheet, and these dates will be clearly communicated via other avenues.

Preparing For a Swim Meet

The first step is preparing to arrive ON TIME!  Swim meets usually begin at 8:00 AM.  Swimmers must check in with the coach by 7:15am.  Warm-ups and stretching start at 7:30am.  Swimmers who do not arrive on time may have their events canceled by the hosting club (scratched).  Once this is done, they cannot be reinstated (meet rules).  Times will be confirmed before each meet.

a.    Meet Withdrawals

“Oh no! My dog ate my bathing suit, so I can’t go to the swim meet tomorrow!”

We do understand that things come up at the last minute; however, you MUST notify the coaches as soon as possible, if you need to withdraw from a meet.  You can either phone one of the coaches or let them know at practice.  If it is the night before, or the morning of the meet, please phone your coach.  NO SHOWS ARE UNACCEPTABLE.  For those who decide they don’t feel like getting out of bed on one of those cold, miserable, rainy mornings, please help us out with a simple phone call.  Scratches are a lot of work for both the coaches and the host swim club, so please call before 7:15am. Coaches have extra goggles and caps to borrow in case of emergencies.

b.    Meet Check-in

The club has a “Positive Check-in Policy” at meets.  All swimmers are required to check in with the coaches on arrival and be on time to avoid being scratched.

c.    Team Relays

Relays are an important part of the meet and attendance is mandatory.  Please consider this when signing up for a meet.  Your teammates need you to form a relay team.  These races have been tagged “The Best!” by our young athletes.  After individual events, relays are a chance to share your skills and enjoy some fun races with others on your team.  Parents, if you are unable to stay, please consider making arrangements with other parents to bring your children home.  Relays usually only last 45 minutes to an hour after individual events and are well worth the extra time.  Your swim day will still end at approximately 4:00 pm.

What to bring to a Swim Meet?

a.    Swimmers:

An extra towel is recommended as one towel does manage to get quite wet during the day.  Extra goggles are usually available at all swim meets but can be a little more expensive than in the stores. Coaches have extra goggles and caps to borrow in case of emergencies. It’s also recommended that you bring extra clothing and sleeping bag or blankets (especially for an outdoor meet).  Pack lunches and lots of snacks and water bottles, as not all pools will have a concession and if they do they may not provide healthy choices.  Vegetables and cut up fruit and energy snacks are recommended over heavy hamburgers and hot dogs for lunches.  You will find your kids prefer eating small amounts throughout the day rather than one large meal.

b.    Parents:

A good book and a lightweight folding lawn chair are absolutely essential.  As parents you will spend a lot of time sitting awaiting your swimmers next heat.  Heat sheets are always available the morning of the swim meet.  They are between $2 and $5 and are usually a fundraiser for the hosting club.  Pack yourself lots of snacks and don’t forget your own water bottle.

Don’t forget to bring along a Sharpie Marker! Many parents write their child’s events on their children’s arms to remind the swimmers – and the parents – of their heats. A highlighter is also useful to mark-up heat sheets.

Finally, bring a camera along to capture the events!