Useful Links

Useful Links for tracking swim meets, results and official training.

1. Use to access the meets our club will be invited to. 

Steps are as follows: Entries are usually available to look at by Thursday mornings. 

i . Go to  , the Alberta Summer Swimming Association. This is our governing body for the summer swim season. 

ii. At the top go to Swim Meets: then go to Meet Schedule
iii. Find the meet. It will also have a "B" as we are Region B - Scroll right and hit "Meet Package"
Its good to read the meet package, it gives you start times, warm up times, etc...

iv. Scroll down : hit "Individual Entries"
v. At the top select "Order by Club" 
vi. Scroll down through our swimmers. Your swimmer will have a checkmark below what event they are doing. It gives what they do before lunch and after. 
vii. When you get your heat sheet you will coordinate that event with an event number. Example: event #17 is girls 25 meter short fly. There will be a white board or flip board on deck indicating which event # is coming up next at all meets. 

These can also be printed to bring along. 

viii. Results are also posted here once the meet is complete and times are recorded in as official. Go to Results/Rankings. Then select Meet Results. Choose your meet. 

2. Meet Mobile App.

This is an app that may cost a small amount. It will  have the meets, events and real time(almost) results. Rather than having to wait to see results posted on the walls at the swim meets. 

It also will have heats and times for each race (approximately). 

3. Swim Alberta:

Swim Alberta is the provincial governing body for competitive swimming in Alberta.  Under our umbrella of supervision are Swimming Canada registered clubs and swimmers (year round) and Alberta Summer Swimming Association registered clubs and swimmers.

This is where you would go to to find clinics and officiating courses to take.

4. Facebook 

Please join

This is our own page and you must ask to join!! 

There is also a Region B facebook page.

As well as a ASSA facebook page:


These all have useful and sometimes important information about swim meets.