How the Provincials Swim Meet is Run


As we go into the final week of training for those that have qualified for Provincials we'd

like to share a few details about this meet. 

There are 6 regions, each sending 2 swimmers in each event. This allows 12 swimmers per event.

The 4 Wildcards selected make up a total of 16 swimmers per event. 

The events on Friday/Saturday and Sunday are run exactly in the same manner as Regionals.

The difference is there is medal presentations throughout the day of the previous event.  

See the meet package.

Scroll down a bit to "Schedule of Events". 

There will be BOTH pools running events/heats at this meet. They are A and B Heats.

The A Heat pool is where the Regionals were run. 

This is the first 8 swimmers in each event.

The next 8 best time swimmers are in the B Heat and in the other pool next to the diving tank.

This makes up the 16 swimmers! Both heats will run BUT are staggered.

 Your swimmer will have to be alert and listen carefully to the whistles in their pool

The events are all run as Finals!! 

Swimmers will only swim their event they qualified for only one time,

unless there is a swim off due to a tie from Regionals.

These are exciting to watch because the winner will swim the race in the A or B heat.

These decide the last entries into the race!

Alternates are to be on deck ready to swim in case one of these swimmers don't make it for some reason.

Be ready to go! The alternates will be placed in the open lanes once the Referee has

called the swimmers up to the blocks. 

(these pools are also labeled below the stands as East and West Pools)

Timing and Score Boards:

The yellow boards below the starting blocks are the touch pads which swimmers have to touch

in order to stop the timing in their lane. They must touch hard enough for it to register.

If the swimmer doesn't touch hard enough (called a soft touch)  you may not see a time

register on the score board. Don't worry... that's why there are timers in each lane with the Plungers,

which is the manual timer. They time like they would at any meet and this is the back up time the

officials will take in the case of a "soft touch' on the touch pad.

Quoted from ASSA Provincials Meet Package: "Primary timing shall be electronic (OMEGA Quantum system)

with manual backup. Please be aware that the scoreboard times are unofficial.

Results will be posted during the meet. If there are any questions regarding results,

coaches may direct questions to the Referee of that session. Swim-offs,

if required will be scheduled at the start or end of sessions."