2019 Season!

Swimmer of the Meet! yes


Westlock Gators Fred Morie Invitational June 1, 2019

 Junior: Dante Rogers - Dante is  confident and positive even during races he wasn't sure he could complete. He was always laughing and having fun with his teammates and encouraging them to go faster!

 Senior: Shayna Moser - Shayna is always a positive and  inspiring spirit. She is always looking to improve herself and help others to do the same. She is great with the junior swimmers .. even her own brother.

Whitecourt Blue Dolphins June 8, 2019

 Junior: Danika Beeler Danika may be quiet but watch out! She shows great dedication and discipline at practice and had many stellar perfomances this weekend.

 Senior: Makena Day - Makena always has a great attitude, always brings a smile to practice  and exemplifies kindness.


NESC Swim Meet @ Barrhead June 16th, 2019

 Junior: Shiva Lewis - Shiva always has a great attitude and displayed sportsmanship with all competitors this weekend. Shiva smashed all his times impressing the coaches with his blistering determination. Way to go!!



Hinton Devils Swim Meet June 22, 2019

 Junior: Mya Rogers - Mya is always positive and thinks of others before herself. She takes feedback from her coaches with enthusiasm and is one of the most coachable kids on the team. Last weekend, this 10 year old took it upon herself to lead the team cheer with no prompting from parents or coaching staff. Awesome job!

 Senior: Zoe Van Keulen - Zoe is a dedicated hard working young swimmer. In Hinton she went out of her way to help track down swimmers for relays and helped coach Jan wherever she could. Great job!

Devon Dolphins  Swim Meet July 6, 2019



St. Albert Sailfish Swim Meet July 13, 2019

Junior Swimmer of the Meet is Sawyer Wilson! Sawyer showed great improvement in all 4 strokes this weekend setting all new personal best times. Sawyer’s jaunty spirit, laser focus, and respect for every teammate makes her a pleasure to coach. Keep it going!

Senior Swimmer of the Meet is Zachary Brown! Zach displayed his power and grace with each event he swam smashing his personal best times in all 4 events. Even when things didn’t go his way he persevered through the challenge, his disciplined behaviour and grit are admirable. Way to go Man!

Stony Plain Sharks Swim Meet: July 20,21 2019

Junior Swimmer of the Meet: Ruby van Keulen! Ruby's actions spoke louder than her words as she lead the way for her teammates. Ruby showed tremendous improvement in all her strokes and listened attentively to feedback from coaches. Her kindness and sportsmanship toward others challenge us all to be greater. Fantastic job Ruby!

Senior Swimmer of the Meet: Autumn Taylor! Autumn did it all last weekend! She had 4 stellar performances and brought a contiguous energy that would bring smiles to everyone. Autumn was quick to cheer for teammates and there to help coaches. Thunder showers could not dampen Autumn's high spirits or stop her from razzing the coaches; very brave!


Spruce Grove Barracudas Swim Meet July 27, 2019

Senior:Jayden Osinchuk:  Jayden has always brought smiles and excitement to the young swimmers of our club. He is always willing to give a hand and help out with relays and guiding athletes at meets. He is very passionate about this sport and loves being in the pool. He takes his races very seriously and strives to go best time every time he swims. Great job last weekend!

Junior: Sierra Melnyk Sierra is consistently puttimg in hard work into all of her races and cheered loud and proud for all her teammates. She also took a leadership role in organizing her relay teams, and overall stood out this swim meet. Good job Sierra!

Regionals Swim Meet @ The Kinsmen August 12 &13, 2019