Mission Statement

Mission Statement
St. James Seals
Swim Club Inc.

Our mission is to prepare motivated young athletes to maximize their potential as competitive swimmers, as part of a team supported by outstanding coaches & involved parents.


1. To enable swimmers to learn, train & compete at their highest individual level of achievement.

2. To consistently place swimmers in a position to medal at the Manitoba / Saskatchewan Provincial Championships.

3. To maintain an annual retention rate of 95% of all eligible swimmers as registered with Swim Manitoba.

4. To continue to improve & expand the availability of aquatics programs in the St. James community by enrolling the greatest number of swimmers possible while maintaining the highest levels of quality.

5. To preserve the quality of the St. James Seals program through appropriate growth & development.


The St. James Seals program is committed to guiding & directing young athletes to achieve his or her maximum potential by developing each swimmer’s individual ability. The St. James Seals coaching staff endeavors to teach, train, & motivate young people to achieve their ultimate potential in swimming in the belief that this experience will prove valuable to them as they grow & develop.

The St. James Seals program strives to instill in young swimmers an understanding of, & an appreciation for, such concepts as high self-esteem, personal accountability, self-discipline, goal setting, & goal achievement as these ideas relate to their success in training & in competition. It is our belief that the process of achieving a goal is as significant as the realization of the goal itself.

At each level of the St. James Seals program, swimmers are instructed to strive for excellence. Excellence in this sense refers to the individual achievement of knowing that you have done your best. This philosophy is consistent throughout the program, & every Seal swimmer, from Mini Pups to Senior, is encouraged to “Be the Best That You Can Be”.