Board Members

2019/2020 Board Members


President              : Bryan Miller                      [email protected]

Vice President      : Pam Tomayer                   [email protected]

Past President      : Amber Vialette                 [email protected]

Treasurer              : Chris Holden                     [email protected]

Secretary              : Susan Goldie                     s[email protected]

Pups Liaison         : Craig Palz                          [email protected]

Head Coach          : Ian Grunewald                  [email protected]

Member-At-Large: Katherine W. 

TEAM MANAGER  : Michael Feuerstein        [email protected]


If you are having an issue but do not know who to contact please see the flow chart below: 


   Ian   Michael   Chris     Bryan  
Parents Webiste Billing Parents
Coaching Entries/Meet Fees Financial City of Wpg
City of Wpg Pro Shop Payroll Fundraising
  Meet Management Family Accounts  Policy/Board


There are several board positions that require filling and are listed below. If you are interested in volunteering in one of these positions please contact Bryan Miller: