Senior Competitive

Competitive Stream
Senior Competitive

Description (Designed for ages 12 & Over)
Swimmers in this group have achieved their LMR standards.  They are at the LEARNING TO TRAIN/TRAIN TO TRAIN stage of the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD).  This group is for 12&Over swimmers at the LMR and A level who started later from Junior Competitive and swimmers who cannot meet the practice/performance commitment for the Performance/High Performance Groups .  The swimmers will be also be introduced to complementary skills that are necessary for long term participation in swimming including warming down, stretching, nutrition and goal setting.

  • Includes activation, dryland, stretch and water times
  • 5 days/week
  • Sept-July
Tues. 5:35-7:20AM
Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex (SSLC)  **
​Sept Changes due to SSLC closure
Weds. 3:45-6:15PM Guildford Aquatic Centre (GLFD)
Thur. 5:35-7:20AM
Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex (SSLC) **
​Sept Changes due to SSLC closure
Fri. 4:30-6:45 pm 
Guildford Aquatic Centre (GLFD)
Dryland in gym then swim
Sat. 5:35-8:00 am
Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex**
​Sept Changes due to SSLC closure
Swim then dryland on deck










  • 12 & Over LMR standard
  • Attend Competitions
  • Ability to perform 50m all 4 strokes, legal turns and starts
  • Training Standards: TBA


  • Enjoy swimming
  • Strive to attend all workouts (recommended 4/5 workouts)
  • Attend all competitions as recommended by coach
  • Strive to adopt complimentary skills such as nutrition, goal setting, etc...
  • Aim for Swim BC A and AA standards

Swimmer Expectations

  • Maintain 70% attendance
  • Regularly participate in competitions
  • Attend LMR Championships and AAs if qualified
  • Arrive 5 minutes before practice starts so you can start on time
  • Communicate with coach regarding missed workouts and training questions/concerns
  • Bring a water bottle to every workout
  • Ensure you have the appropriate training gear
  • Treat others with respect and care
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Adhere to Athlete Code of Conduct

Parent Expectations

  • Arrange to get your swimmer to practices and events on time
  • Contact your coach if your swimmer is going to miss workout
  • If watching workout or a swim meet, to stay in the viewing areas and remain off the pool deck or out of appropriate areas
  • Contact your coach directly if you have any concerns regarding your swimmer and their training
  • Stay up-to-date with club news via hand-outs, emails, website, bulletin boards and/or communication with coaches and board
  • Ensure all fees are paid on time and account is in order
  • Parent Participation Points: help out at SKSC club functions, hosted events, timing at PASS meets, etc...
  • Treat other parents, athletes and coaches with respect
  • Have a positive attitude and do not engage in negative gossip in the bleachers with other parents
  • Adhere to Parent Code of Conduct

Graduation Guideline into Next Group

  • Minimum time standards and age for the group
  • Recommended 70% workout attendance
  • Successful trial period

(Please note: Meeting performance standard does not guarantee/disqualify move up.  Invite to move-up up to discretion of coach.  Other factors included in consideration are maturation, workout quality, attitude, health and training ability.)