Senior 3

Senior 3

The Senior 3 group is designed for high school students that wish to begin, or continue, training without a high priority on competition. This group embodies the importance of being active for life. Participating in competition is limited to Regional-level meets or high school-related competition. This group has four pool sessions, with a total of 5.50 hours of training time. Dry land is optional and at the discretion of the coach.

Lead Coach: Connor Watson

Session 1: September 25th to December 20th

Session 2: January 8th to March 29th


Age Range: 13+ years old (Grade 9-13)

Competitive Experience: None

Competition Level: Regional (optional)

LTAD: Active for Life (F14+/M14+)

Training: 4 Pool sessions (5.50 hours)

Requirements: The members of this group must be in high school.


For more information or to book an assessment, call us at (705) 675-4851 or email us.


Training Schedule

Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
AM   6:00-7:30   6:00-7:30   8:30-9:30
PM     5:00-6:30