Senior 2

Senior 2

In the Senior 2 group, the aim is to perform at Provincial and higher level meets, while using Regional meets as training and qualifying competitions. This group has eight pool sessions, alongside six dry land sessions. In total, they have 17.25 hours of training time. The dry land sessions will include cross-training and swim-specific exercises to help swimmers reach their full potential. The goal of this group is to develop a high-performance mentality and work ethic in order to prepare them for the Senior 1 level, as well as advanced race skill and strategy development. Members of this group may be asked to assist in the running of younger groups in order to foster community and education.

Lead Coach: Dean Henze

Season: September 11th to July 21st


Age Range: 13+ years old (Coach's discretion)

Competitive Experience: 1-3 years

Competition Level: Provincial and National


  • Train to Train (F13-14/M13-15)
  • Train to Compete (F14-15/M15-17)
  • Compete to Win (F16+/M17+)

Training: 8 Pool sessions (13.75 hours), 5 Dry Land sessions (3.50 hours)

Requirements: The members of this group will be selected at the discretion of the Head Coach.


For more information or to book an assessment, call us at (705) 675-4851 or email us.


Training Schedule

Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
AM   6:00-7:30   6:00-7:30   6:30-9:30
PM 3:15-5:20 3:15-5:20 3:15-5:20 3:15-5:20 3:15-5:20