Meet FAQs

Meet FAQs

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What types of swim meets are there?


Throughout the season, the Club hosts many “at-home” meets and attends many “away” meets. Each meet will be targeted to a specific range of swimmers, and may or may not have qualifying or de-qualifying time standards for entry. The coaches will decide which swimmers will attend away meets. The home meet schedule is jointly developed by the Head Coach and the Meet Manager, or Assistant Meet Manager. The various home meets usually hosted include the following:

Developmental Meets

Top Fish: These meets are the introductory meets for most of the swimmers at SLSC.  They are NEOR-hosted meets and limited to swimmers who are eleven (11) years and younger. The event list is simple and consists of events that help the development of new and young swimmers. There are three (3) Top Fish meets each year.

NEOR Developmental: These are hosted on a rotational basis by Clubs in the Northeastern Ontario Swimming Association. Open to all competitive swimmers, these meets have very limited entry standards and are designed to provide swimmers with a chance to test themselves. These meets also provided an opportunity to gain qualifying times for championship meets. SLSC usually hosts a short course “developmental” meet in late October, as well as a long course "developmental" meet in April. Developmental meet events are all run as “timed finals” (i.e. no preliminary heats followed by finals).

Championship Meets

These championship meets are bid for by NEOR member clubs, and SLSC sometimes wins the hosting bid. The Fred Rams "B Championship" is designed to give B-level swimmers a chance to compete without the top A-Level swimmers racing against them. It’s a chance for the developing swimmer to win, and a chance to gain qualifying times for higher level meets. Swimmers may not enter any event in which they have an A-Level time or better (de-qualifying time). The B-Champs (Fred Rams) is run over a weekend, starting Saturday and winding up Sunday -all timed finals. There are two A-Championship meets in NEOR. The short course (Dave Kensit) meet is in early February, and starts Friday and winds down Sunday evening. The long course (Jeno Tihanyi) are held in early June in Sudbury. It is a special meet in that it serves as the championships for NEOR and Huronia regions. These meets include both preliminary heats as well as finals.


SLSC hosts an invitational that is a cornerstone of the regional meet schedule. Held in May, this meet attracts many top swimmers. This is also a multi-day meet (Friday to Sunday) with preliminary heats and finals. The structure of this meet may change at the discretion of meet management.