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Competitive Swim Program

NEW Group Names for the 2018-2019 Season

Practices are held Monday through Sunday at various days/times as determined by level.

  • Lead Group trains 7x a week at Brewer plus 1 dry land session off-site (Regional - National level - 5th+yr of comp)
  • Age Group 1 trains 6x a week at Brewer (Regional - National level - 4th+ yr of comp)
  • Age Group 2 trains 5x a week at Brewer (Regional - Provincial level - 3rd-4th comp)
  • Junior 1 trains 5x a week at Brewer & Plant (Local - Regional - 3rd-4th yr comp)
  • Junior 2 trains 4x a week at Brewer & Plant (Local - Regional - 2nd yr comp)
  • Development trains 3x a week at Brewer & Plant (Local - Regional - 1st yr comp)

Please note that there may be several cancellations and makeup practices throughout the season. Coaches will often announce this in their weekly updates, at practices and put it on group calendars.