Meet Info

 Swim Meets

Swimmers have the opportunity to attend approximately 10 swim meets from June - August. Sharks swimmers  are encouraged to attend as many swim meets as possible so they can enjoy competing for their team, beating their times, and cheering on their fellow (Sharks. Swim meets are a fun, team event with lots of spirit!  The Sharks compete in (Region B of the Alberta Summer Swimming Association. We take part in weekend meets hosted by other (Region B clubs during June and July. This culminates in the (Region B meet in early-August and the ASSA Provincial meet (for qualifiers from Regionals) in mid-August.

Details of these meets will be featured at the Pool, by email and on the Upcoming Events and Homepage of the Stony Plain Sharks as those details become known to the Coaches and the Executive.

If you are new to the club, the locations for all the pools in our region can found by clicking the Tab - Pool Locations.

Your entry fees at all swim meets are included in your Sharks registration fee.

Meet Sign-Up and

To declare that your child will be attending or not attending a swim meet, log onto your account on Click on Events & Swim Meet Sign Up.  This will take you to a list of all the swim meets.  Click on the meet and choose your swimmer.  Then chose yes or no from the drop down menu.

A few of days prior to each swim meet, a sign-up book will be circulated at the pool during practices so that swimmers can sign up for events at an upcoming meet. Swimmers typically sign up for 3 or 4 individual events at a swim meet within their gender and specified age category (i.e., 6 and under, 7/8 year old, 9/10 year old, 11/12 year old, 13/14 year old, 15/16 year old, 17 and over). Most swimmers are also entered by the coaches into one or two relay events as well. These entries are then sent to the hosting club where a heat sheet and race cards are prepared in advance.

When you attend a meet, please plan on staying until the end of the day for the relays.  If you know in advance that you won’t be staying, please indicate in the notes when declaring attendance to the meet so that they don’t put your child on a team.  If your child has been placed on a relay team and your family leaves early, three disappointed swimmers are left behind without a chance to swim their relay race!

If you cannot attend a meet that your swimmer has signed up for, please let the coaching staff know well in advance so that they can ‘scratch’ your child from the list.  In the event of a last-minute illness/emergency, please contact the coaches via the remind app.


What to Bring:

-        team swim suit, cap, and goggles (label everything with your name!)

-        several dry towels

-        sweats, shorts, shirt to cover up between races (even rainwear for outdoor meets)

-        a cooler of healthy snacks/drinks, and water bottles, (no junk food or pop please!!)

-        games, books, cards to enjoy between races

-        old sleeping bag or heavy blanket to lay on pool deck for relaxing between events

-        sunscreen/small tent for meets at outdoor pools (Stony Plain/Devon/Drayton Valley (swimmers will spend time
oustide the pool building while awaiting their races)

Helpful Hints:

  1. Expect an early start to your day!!  Most swim meets start between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. with swimmers needing to be there 1/2 hour ahead of time for warm-ups. Swim meets typically end around 4:00 p.m.
  2. Buy a (Heat Sheet÷ when you arrive (bring along a highlighter pen too!) - these usually range from $2.00 to $5,00
    and will be invaluable for understanding the day and following the events of your child and other Sharks swimmers. Heat sheets are organized in the order that the events will be swum. Within each event (e.g., 100m Freestyle), there
    are several age categories starting with the (6 and under÷ age group and moving through to the 17 and over group. Within each age group, there is a girls and boys category. Swimmers are listed within their event by name and ranked with
    their previous personal best time.
  3. Be prepared for a crowded and busy atmosphere! Swim meets are lots of fun but they are quite crowded and noisy. Each pool has a different amount of spectator and swimmer deck space and you will need to arrive early to (stake your claim÷! Bring along an old sleeping bag to lay on the deck for your child and bring along a folding lawn chair for the deck in case there is limited seating.  A cooler full of healthy snacks is a must for a swimmer who is working hard.
  4. Don't expect exact times on events! Other than the meet starting time, swim meets do not indicate exactly when events will be swum. Events are swum in the order that they are listed and may move along more quickly or more slowly than expected. The exact time of the lunch break is typically announced later in the morning.
  5. Keep your eyes and ears open!!   Swimmers will be called to a (marshalling area÷ just prior to their race. Either a
    loudspeaker system or an event board will announce events. Sometimes they will call swimmers by age/event (e.g., 9/10 girls short freestyle) but other swim meets call swimmers by their event number (e.g., event #107). Event numbers are
    listed in the heat sheets. It's a good idea to write your child's event numbers on their hand so that they can be watching/ listening for their own events. Parents/guardians are not allowed in the marshalling/race staging area but our club often provides younger swimmers with an older (swim buddy÷ to get them to their race on time!
  6. The men/women in (navy shirts÷ are meet officials. They work in positions such as: referee, starter, stroke and turn judges, and timers. These volunteers (with the exception of some of the timers) have taken courses and are certified to carry out the duties of their positions. If you are interested in becoming an official, please contact our (Officials Coordinator÷.
  7. A swimmer sometimes receives a warning or disqualification from an official. Disqualifications are not meant to be
    punitive but are simply a way to ensure fair and equitable conditions for all swimmers. Each stroke has specific rules and guidelines that officials are watching for. 
  8. During the first couple of swim meets, swimmers usually receive a warning and some (teaching÷ about their technical violation(s). As the season progresses, swimmers will be disqualified for infractions. Our coaching staff will explain the disqualification to the swimmer and, if clarification is needed or an appeal is required, only a coach can speak with the Meet Referee.


  1. Heats: Each swimmer is entered into a swim meet with their most recent and available (personal best time÷ - PB (a swimmer may sometimes be swimming an event for the first time and will have a (no time÷ - NT). At the beginning of the season, a swimmer's PB time is carried forward from the previous season in the same event/distance. As stated in (Helpful Hints÷, a heat sheet is available at the meet and it will list all the swimmers in each event category with their rank ordered times - swimmers with (NT÷ appear at the bottom of the list.   Swimmers are organized into (heats÷ based on their listed times and will typically swim in a heat of 5 - 8 swimmers with times in the same range. There will be a number of (heats÷ in each event category. Each swimmer receives a (race card÷ just prior to their race on which their race time will be recorded.

        During regular season swim meets, there are no (finals÷ and final results are based on the times achieved by swimmers in their heats. However, during the (Region B÷ on the times achieved by swimmers in their heats. However, during the         (Region B÷ swim meet, swimmers are organized into (heats÷ with the (top 8÷ fastest times advancing to a (final÷. The (top         2÷ fastest times from each final at (Regionals÷ will advance to the (ASSA Provincial Meet÷  along with the next 4 fastest times in that event across all six ASSA swim regions in the province (i.e., (Wild Cards÷).

    2.  Times: Swimming times are reported in the form: 00:00.00 (i.e., minutes, seconds, tenths, hundredths). When a swimmer (beats÷ their entry time in a race, they will immediately receive an, (I Beat My Time÷ ribbon from the timers in their lane. The (I Beat My Time÷ ribbon is an important and central element to summer swimming in Region B because it recognizes ongoing personal improvement!! Our club truly celebrates (I Beat My Time÷ achievements.

    3.  Results: After all the swimmers in an event have raced, the race cards are sent to the office where a (results sheet÷ is generated and posted. This can take some time, so be patient! The result sheet will list the rank-ordered times of all the  swimmers in an event. Individual placement ribbons are awarded based on how many lanes there are in a pool. For  example, at Stony Plain Pool, we have six lanes so we award ribbons for 1st - 6th place. An eight lane pool will award 1st - 8th place ribbons. These ribbons are not handed out on race day but are given to the coach at the end of the day and  will be handed out at the next practice. Placement ribbons are also awarded to each member of a relay team.

In addition
to placement ribbons, aggregate medals (i.e., gold, silver, and bronze) are
awarded to the three swimmers with the highest number of individual points in
each age/gender category. Individual points are calculated based on finishes in
the various events with points being awarded as follows:

1st place finish: points = number of lanes in
pool + 1 (e.g., 6 lane pool = 7 points for first)

2nd place finish: points = number of lanes in
pool - 1 (e.g., 6 lane pool = 5 points for second)

3rd place finish (etc.): points equal number
of lanes in pool - 2 (e.g., 6 lane pool = 4 points for third)

medal points are calculated at the end of the day and the medals are awarded
in a short, informal ceremony following the
swim meet.

Club points
are also calculated based on placement finishes. Total club points are then
divided by the number of swimmers registered in a club to determine club
standings. At the final Region B Swim Meet there are two club trophies awarded,
one for the club with the most overall (aggregate points÷ and one for the club
with the highest (average÷ number of points (i.e., aggregate points divided by
number of registered swimmers).


Training in an outdoor pool means that we are subject to weather conditions. Generally, we swim (rain or shine÷ (yes - including snow and cooler temperatures!). The only exception is in the event of lightning.  At the first sighting of lightning, the pool is cleared and cannot be reentered until 20 minutes has passed since the last sighting of lightning. Practice will resume 30 minutes after the last sighting of lightning.