Lane Descriptions

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Lane Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Platinum 5:30-7:30p   5:30-7:30p 6:00-7:15a 4:30-6:30p 7:00-9:00a
Gold 5:30-7:30p   5:30-7:30p   4:30-6:30p 7:00-9:00a
Silver 5:00-6:30p   5:00-6:30p   4:30-6:30p  
Bronze 4:30-5:30p   4:30-5:30p      


6:30-7:30p   6:30-7:30p      
Minnows 4:30-5:00p   4:30-5:00p      


Platinum 5 practices / week required, highest level of competitive training and racing that our club offers, swimmers committed to their provincial level goals, attend any Senior competitions

Gold 4 practices / week required, first level of provincial competition and training, optimum level of body awareness, strength, and fitness, set provincials goals and plan to achieve them through skill development

Silver 3 practices / week required, second level of competitive, build on skills, set personal goals and plan to achieve them, improve on endurance, commitments, and goals, attend Senior meets

Bronze 2 practices / week required, first level of competitive, set goals, increasing endurance and confidence as they start to compete, learning race tactics, begin to build race techniques, attend regular practices and Junior swim meets

Sport4Life 2 practices / week required, developmental (non-competitive), maintain fitness levels while understanding the importance of having activity in our daily lives

Minnows - 8 week sessions, 2 x 1⁄2 hr / week, builds endurance and sport awareness