Lane Descriptions

****NEW Times are slightly adjusted for the 2020-2021 season. Check your lane below for the updated times!

Check the Team Calendar for specific nights....


Lane Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Platinum 5:40-7:25p   5:40-7:25p 6:00-7:15a 4:30-6:30p 7:00-9:00a
Gold 5:45-7:30p   5:45-7:30p   4:30-6:30p 7:00-9:00a
Silver 5:50-7:20p   5:50-7:20p   4:30-6:30p  
Bronze 4:20-5:15p   4:20-5:15p      
Copper 4:30-5:20p   4:30-5:20p      


7:30-8:30p   7:30-8:30p      
Minnows 4:40-5:10p   4:40-5:10p      

For more details about what each "Lane", please check out Sharks Can..