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Swimming is different from many other sports. Unlike other activities that might only require parents to bring snacks, drive to team events and/or help out coaching, swimming is traditionally managed entirely by parents. When you watch an international swimming meet, the people holding stopwatches or judging were likely all at one time a parent (or still a parent) of a young competitive swimmer.

In order for our club to get sanctioned to host our own swim meets, it is essential for us to have as many members as possible registered, taking courses and “moving up the ladder.” New and established members are required to take courses and move towards their level I, level II and beyond.

Parents are expected to volunteer at meets. 

The following is the recommended order for clinics in

Level I Timekeeper & Safety Marshall

Level 2 Strokes & Turns

Level 2 Chief Timekeeper

Level 2 Clerk of Course

Level 2 Chief Judge Electronics

Level 2 Chief Finish Judge  (CJE/CFJ are often combined at in person clinics)

Level 2 Recorder Scorer

Level 2 Meet Management

Level 2 Starter