Our Supporters

The St. Thomas Jumbo Jets are a non-profit organization.  The Club has to raise funds to pay for all additional costs that are not covered by our registration fees.  There is a base amount that has to be raised annually to ensure that the equipment and the coaches are covered at meets etc.  Fundraising is done, so that we can keep registration costs to a minimum.

This year we are collecting $250 per family for fundraising (all of which you can earn back).  At registration you will receive 20 tickets to sell for $5 each for some wonderful prizes.  You keep the money you collect for the draw. Please remember to hand in your tickets prior to the draw.  Although it is only mandatory for each family to sell 1 booklet of tickets, there will be more available – remember, the more we sell, the more we make! 

Each family will also be required to help out at a Bingo at "Jackpot City" once per season. There will be many dates and times to choose from throughout the season after completing a training session (dates for this training session will be offered in September, it is your responsibility to sign up for one of these times). If you choose not to participate in the Bingo Fundraiser, $150 fee collected will be kept by the team.  After completing training and a Bingo session (~2.5 hours) your $150 collected will be credited to your swim account.  

Mid February the St. Thomas Jumbo Jets will have their annual Silent Auction at the YMCA.  Each swimmer is asked to generously donate 1 item.  If you would like to ask for a donation from a local business, we have letters available for that, please ask the Fundraising Coordinator or Team President about that.

​We also sell Cinnabons and Vouchers before Christmas. This is not mandatory, but always a treat at Christmas time, and has been a popular fundraiser.

We are looking forward to another successful year with the St.Thomas Jumbo Jets and hope for your active participation with our fundraising endeavors.