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2018 OLG/OCGA Policies & Procedures Manual & Memorandum


Here's a quick ‘Bingo 101’ to explain exactly what this whole Bingo thing is about and how it works.

I’m a busy person. Give me a quick outline.

We fundraise to help cover the cost of running the club. Our main fundraiser is bingo, so we need swim parents (that’s you) to help by working at bingo sessions. 

People still play bingo?

Indeed they do. Bingo is an extremely important part of our fundraising. Under provincial gaming laws, bingo sessions must involve a charitable organization. There is only one bingo hall in the area and competition among area clubs for a piece of the pie is fierce. For each session we work (~2 per month), we get a portion of the proceeds, so more bingo sessions means more money for the club. Overall, our bingo work earns several thousand dollars each year and every dollar we collect through fundraising is a dollar we don't have to charge in fees.

So what do I do?

The work is very agreeable. No smokey building, no handling money we’re simply there to make sure that the Bingo environment is neat and tidy, ‘Jackpot City’ staff takes care of the rest. It's all pretty easy. Really. Absolutely nothing to be nervous about. The work is straightforward and it’s a great way to meet other parents. It is mandatory to attend the training session (1.5 hrs) prior to work at a Bingo. Here you can find a summary of the ORIENTATION.  Please contact the Fundraising Coordinator to schedule the training. 

How long does it take?

Each session is only 2 ¼ hours long.  Assigned session times vary from month to month







There might be some inconvenient session times (the latest being 11:15-1:30am) but we still need to make sure we work them if they’re assigned to us!

When does this all happen?

There are about 24 bingo sessions per year (2 per month), all year-round. Assigned session times vary from month to month.

Do I have to do this?

Each family is asked to work 1 Bingo session throughout the year (Sept. to August) but we will need many families to work a couple sessions since there are many Bingo sessions in a year.

At registration we collect 1 cheque for $150.  Once a family completes the training and works a Bingo session, their account will be credited with $150 (equal to the sum collected at the start of the year). We're hoping that the added incentive to earn your money back, as well as help the team, will be enough to get all families involved. 

It’s simple – complete the training and work a session, you get a $150 credit to your account! Every subsequent Bingo that you work that year, you get a $50 credit. Everyone wins. This is really important and we need everyone to do their part!

Is there a Dress Code @ Bingo?

Yes, the St.Thomas Jumbo Jets have purchased (4) Vests of (various sizes) that are to be worn while working at Jackpot city. In addition to the vest, we will have buttons made up with your name on it that needs to be pinned to the vest.  Since many of us are familiar with the dress code for officiating (White collared shirt, Black pants) we decided that we’ll use this since we already have those clothes. All details are thoroughly explained in the ‘training seminar’.  Failure to dress properly can lead to fines, up to and including losing our spot with ‘Jackpot City’ so please be sure to dress appropriately.

Can I ‘sign up’ and just ‘show up’ for my shift or do I need training first?

Before anyone can work a shift @ ‘Jackpot City’ they need to complete a ‘training seminar’ – the training lasts ~90 minutes and seminars are held periodically throughout the year.  The Fundraising Coordinator will email the team with ‘training seminar’ details as they become available.

How can we sign up for Bingo sessions??

We will use Team Unify just like we do for all of our meets. 

What if something comes up last minute and I can't make it to my shift. 

Please do your best to honour your commitments. However, we realize life happens. If for some reason you can’t make your shift PLEASE let the Fundraising Coordinator know as soon as possible! We cannot miss our shifts!!  We’ll try and figure out an alternative. 

Where do we go?

‘Jackpot City’ - 140 Edward Street, St. Thomas, ON,  N5P 1Z3 

Who runs everything?

The St. Thomas Jumbo Jets Fundraising Coordinator works in conjunction with Ron Ellsworth (Charity Coordinator St.Thomas Gaming Association) to set up Bingo sessions for the team.

I have more questions!

We're happy to answer them. Drop us a line at [email protected]. Or feel free to corner any of us at the pool or wherever.